Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Full Picture

This post isn't going to make much sense to you if you aren't already familiar with the previous post entitled A Part of the Picture. In it, I published some images which focused in on a small portion of a piece of artwork photographed while shopping. I asked you smart readers to use your imaginations to guess what each of the full items might be and several of you had wonderful and amusing guesses. Others figured out some of the correct responses. Those answers are below.

The photos are in the same order as the partial images which appeared on the previous post, so you can scroll back and forth between the posts if you'd like to compare. The image at the top left corner is the expanded version of what appeared in that location on Thursday's post. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

A few of you guessed correctly that this was a lamp. I think I'd like to go back and get it. I'm just not too sure where I'd put it.

Dragonflies. These colourful, wooden creatures balance and bob nose first on a wooden stick. I did buy one of them. Remind me to photograph how it looks some time.

Some of you clever people knew that these boots belonged to a table. Did you know that it was just a small occasional table? It might be the partner to this set of legs.

That bright, spiral-shaped sunshine belonged in the belly of this whimsical metallic frog.

The colourful sparkles were being served up in these decorative bowls.

If you look deep inside this stranger's eyes. you'll see the camel from the previous post.

Some of you were in tune with this musical instrument.

Perfect for a masquerade ball. Mardi Gras, anyone?

Who could be irritated with this monkey face - despite the rude gesture?

Stacked baskets. I thought the colours were pretty.

I'm still not exactly sure what it is that this angler caught...

And last but not least, this metal lizard adorned the railing along the stairway. I'd kind of like to take him home too.. maybe for my stairway. Nah!

Thanks to everyone who played along and to those who said that they enjoyed the previous photos and the concept. As always, your encouraging comments mean so much to me.


Maggie May said...

Oh my Goodness........ I think that I only got one of them right. That was the pipes.I did realise about the masks though when I came back for a second look.

That was good fun.
Did you have to ask permission to take the photos? I was just thinking back to the time when I was asked to leave a shopping precinct because they thought my camera taking was a security threat!

Nuts in May

L. D. said...

If I had written my answers down, I would have only got the lamp correct. Those are some pretty wild things. I was really struck by the dragon fly decorations. They are really wonderful. Great shots, and a great game.

Jinksy said...

This little game only served to underline your incredible eye for a good shot in the most unlikely place!

Zuzana said...

This was so much fun, I so enjoyed seeing the full picture!
I somehow guessed most of it, but the lamp as a wonderful surprise! I thought it was a covered pergola of some sort.;))
What a great idea for a post and so much fun to get the results.;)

Anonymous said...

OMG.... you are way too clever here. So cool !!! What a great idea of close ups and then sharing a pic of the whole item. I love it. Having a restful day here at Wellington. I'll find Mr. Toast's URL for you....
The Bach

Anonymous said...
This is Mr. Toast URL.... go and sign up for the festive event.
Again, thanks for the Full Picture Post...
The Bach

Country Girl said...

Oh, ha!! That angler caught a huge fish bigger by far than the boat he was in. What a fun shop you visited. Cool game, too. I knew all the answers (not). And who in their right mind would buy a monkey flipping the bird, I ask you?

Phyllis E said...

Thanks for not waiting any longer to let us in on the Full Picture, Cuzzie. Now I can sleep tonight!

That fisherman reminded my of the fishing community on Inle Lake in Burma. That was some big fish he caught. He'll have to let it tow him back to shore.

I see that my guess about a stack of hats was somewhat askew.

Cuzzie P

steviewren said...

Generally I am not much of a shopper, but I do have a couple of establishments that I love to browse about in occasionally. I think this store would be on my list as well, if I lived a bit closer. I like World Market because they have unusually products from all over the world. I like Anthropologie for the same reason.

Shammickite said...

That was a lot of fun!
I didn't get any of them right. You were certainly shopping in a very interesting store! Love those colourful dragonflies, and the masquerade masks.
I'm always a but doubtful about whipping my camera out and taking pictures in a store, in case I get told off!

Anonymous said...

Cool beans!!! :)
The only one I got right was the masks! I love the frog, I would never have guessed that one! Aaaah, the grumpy monkey! LOL that's a really great statue. Look forward to some more! It's neat to open the imagination!

Brian Miller said...

how very cool. i do hope that you do this again hilary!

Daryl said...

I am sad I missed the original post .. I guess I was too busy ordering in pizza ..

The fisherman has caught a HUGE fish .. can you see its face?

LOVE the notion of this post and the previous one .. next time I will play!

Michael said...

I am not good at this sort of things but how fun.

Well, you are welcome to 'come' to my tea. Just be sure to sign up. It's December 1st. A good chance to hobnob with other bloggers and such! Maybe see you there?

Frank Baron said...

I'll tell you what that fisherman caught: a nightmare called Finned Revenge. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I gotta have me some of those bowls!! Lovely!

I did manage to guess at the leggy table, but that was the ONLY one I got.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I missed the last post, but no matter. Still fun to look and read.

Wendy said...

That was brilliant! And fun! Oh, you did take some good pics! I think I'd take that lizard home. And the lamp. And......

Christmas is coming......

Leah J. Utas said...

Thaks for solving the mystery. And I loved how the the metallic frog reminded me of "Michigan J. Frog."

colbymarshall said...

Wow! The sun was a frog belly...neat! I like that frog, by the way :-)

Hilary said...

• Thanks, Maggie. I'm glad you enjoyed playing along. I did ask permission and they were fine with that. I doubt I was the first one to do that. I'm very shy to use my camera in most settings but this place begged to be photographed. I remember your story.. you criminal! ;) Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks for the kind words, Larry. I'm glad you mentioned the dragonflies. You just gave me an idea for one aspect of my next post. Thank you! :)

• Jinsky, such flattering words. Thank you, friend. :)

• Protege, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and that there was at least one surprise. You're very good at these. I'll have to be trickier next time. ;) Thanks for the visit. :)

• Bach, thanks for the truly kind comments and for providing that link. I'll have to check it out. Much appreciated. :)

• Thank you, Kate. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and the post idea. I can think of a few people who might want that monkey... they're just too shy to speak up. ;)

• Phyllis, a tip of the hat (askew or otherwise) to you for trying. I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you can now sleep. ;)

• Steviewren, this sounds like your kind of place to shop. I'm pretty sure you'd have fun browsing their shelves. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks, Shammie. I know how you feel. Ordinarily, I'm very uncomfy using the camera inside a store but the shopping atmosphere was quite casual and I did ask. Later in the day, we went into an antique shop and by now I was in the habit of taking a few shots and I didn't ask. When my flash went off, the owner sounded incredulous "You're taking photos?" I smiled and asked if he minded and he said that he didn't but just never had anyone show interest before. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Rain, I'm glad you got a kick out of the photos and that you enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for playing along. :)

• Thank you, Brian. I just might at some point. :)

• Daryl, hopefully it was a really good pizza! I'm sorry you missed out too but hopefully I'll do another one somewhere down the road. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Thanks, MMM. I'm not certain what your tea is about but I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for stopping by with your invite. :)

• Frank, it sounds like you might have just come up with your next nickname.. or book title.. or fish dinner.. or something that happens after eating bad fish. ;)

• IBHH, you did get the table! I'm glad you played along and enjoyed the game. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm glad you think so. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Thanks kindly, Wendy. I know what you mean. I'm very tempted to go back and get a few items, but I'm afraid they'd be for me! Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Leah, you're right. I thought of him too. Are you still humming "Hello my baby, hello my honey...?" Thanks for dropping by. :)

• Thanks, Colby. I'm glad you do. I quite like him too. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

AWE-SOME!!!! I really enjoyed this. I hope you do it again.

And those decorative bowls-- WOW.

Have a great week.


Susan said...

That was so much fun! Both the before and the after. I do hope you are planning on doing it again!

Lori said...

The only one I got right was the leg for the table and I kinda thought that one was some kind of lamp. I enjoyed this. I hope you do this again!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Fun post. You find the most colorful assortment of objects, nature, everything. Enjoyed it.

Dave said...

Nice photos of lots of colourful things Hilary. Glad I sort-of got one right(table leg) :-) Dave

Tabor said...

I wished I had had time to play. The holiday cooking and cleaning and...but this was fun to see the originals.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Great fun!
LOVE the lamp, lizard, dragonflies, stacked baskets and bowls. But that money...and the carved legs table(s)...they have got to go!

Unknown said...

Had tons of company last week, so was "out of blogland" for a while, and had to do the back and forth thing... well worth it. Love the lamp and the basket of dragonflies; what a great shop this must have been!

PS: Would like to nominate the following for POTW:

Debbie said...

That lamp is so great. Surely you could find the perfect spot for it!

Anonymous said...

Well done! Get the lamp if you love it. There is always a place for something loved. Even if you have to gift it later ;0!

Thanks for your comment to my post on Lasts! I did not write this before, however, as my last of four sons just turned eighteen, I have written on the subject of boy to man before :)!

Reb said...

Wow, I got a few right! I'm not sure that the "fish" isn't the one doing the catching.

Land of shimp said...

Oh I don't think I would have got many, if any of them right, but I do so love perspective context :-) They are beautiful pictures, Hilary, thank you so much for sharing them.

I immediately ran a search from Primitive Designs Hope, Ontario and was sad to see that evidently they don't have a website. Ah well, that just makes being able to see their wares at all a special treat! What a wonderful place to have available to you.

cheshire wife said...

It looks like you have some interesting shops around where you live.

Nancy said...

I'm just catching up so I went back to the last post to play along. I was right about the lamp, and the boots, but not on anything else. I love this place! And I agree, you need that lamp! It's home will reveal itself to you.

Jen said...

I love the fisherman painting. Where did you find all of these wonderful finds?

ethelmaepotter! said...

I forgot to ask, would you share prices with us? I see tags on some, but can't make out figures. And I'm curious about that disrespectful chimp: does he come with that God-awful chair, or would I have to find another perch for his sorry butt in my home?

lime said...

sorry i missed the intial game though i've gone back to have a look. what a wonderful shop full of fascainting items and what a fun game to play. i do love that whimsical frog though. i think i'd have needed to make a home for him.

the Bag Lady said...

Very cool!

I didn't even guess at any of them - and I'm glad I didn't, 'cause I would have been wrong on every one!

Great post, Hilary!

Suldog said...

Got to say I find the second set of legs (those I clicked through to) better. Of course, that was to be expected.

Tom Bailey said...

The leg picture was definitely something different. Your partial photo idea was a brilliant idea and very creative. I would not have gotten many of them right maybe the lamp?

Meeko Fabulous said...

Those are really neat pictures! I'm here visiting from Rain's place. :)

Rosaria Williams said...

Beautiful art/craft pieces. You must get what hits your eye and take the piece home. Art keeps on giving.

Kelly H-Y said...

Wow! Were these all from one store!!! What great pictures!

abb said...

Cheeky little monkey! With you on the fishing guy. What the heck?

Hilary said...

• Joanna, thank you very much for the supportive comment. Very much appreciated. :)

• Thanks, Susan. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm considering a repeat somewhere down the road. :)

• Thanks very much, Smiles. I just might. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• MJ, thank so much for the kind words. Very much appreciated. :)

• Dave, I'm glad you enjoyed playing along. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Tabor, I sure do get how busy the holiday kept you. And having read your menu plans for past events, I know you put a lot into your dinners. I'm glad you stopped by. :)

• EthelMae, thank you! I'm glad you liked most of the pieces. That monkey.. he's got a few fans.. myself among them. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Thanks, Jane. I understand how busy last week was for my American friends. I'm glad you dropped by today. I have noted that post for tomorrow. Thanks. :)

• Debbie, if I go back to the store again (they close for the winter on Christmas Eve) and the price is right, I think I might get it. I think I'd like it in my bedroom. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• MT, thank you. You're quite right, and you and Debbie have now convinced me. Now all I have to do is convince Frank that "we" want to go back there a third time. ;)

• Reb, I think you've got something there.. and it isn't a fish. ;)

• Thanks kindly, Shimp. I'm so glad you like them. Primitive Designs is in PORT Hope, but you're right - they don't appear to have a website. I think the owner said something about working on one for sometime in the future but they tend to keep very busy traveling and buying. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Cheshire Wife, this place is a little out of the way (about an hour and a half from my home) but worth the trip. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Nancy, thanks for checking out the previous post. Great that you did get a couple of them right. I'm not so sure I would have had I not already known what they were. About the lamp, I like the way you think.. I'm convinced. :)

• Jen, it's a warehouse type shop which only does business between spring and December. We found it through an ad. Thanks for the visit. :)

• EthelMae, ack.. I don't really know the prices other that the ones that are visible in the photos. The monkey (he's growing on you, eh?) and chair were separate purchases and I can't see a visible price tag in any of the monkey photos but I can call or email them if you'd like to know for sure. Email me (thesmittenimage at and I'll find out for you. :)

• Lime, if I were to guess which of the items you'd select, the frog would have been the one for sure. It might have more to do with the lime green colour than anything though. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks, Baggie but with your creative eye, I bet you would have got at least a few right. :)

• Suldog, I have to say that I'm not surprised. ;) Thanks for the visit. :)

• Tom, thanks so much for the supportive comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Welcome, Meeko and thanks for kind words. I'm glad you dropped by from Rain's and I hope you'll be back again soon. :)

• Lakeviewer, you're so right. Frank ended up with quite a number of pieces from our two visits to this store. I hope to get something myself next time.. probably that lamp. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Kelly, they were indeed. Thank you. :)

• TSannie, the fish is.. odd! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Unknown said...

What a seriously fun store! I love it! I love your creativity! So fun!

SandyCarlson said...

I love where you wander. That was fun to see the bigger picture. What a delight. That store owner sure has a sense of humor and flair!

Jo said...

Omigoodness, I would never have guess any of these.

I love, love, love the dragonflies.

Hilary said...

• Thanks kindly, LWK. Very much appreciated. :)

• Sandy they sure do! I'm glad you came a'wandering with me. I enjoyed the company. :)

• Jo, I'll bet you would have guessed a few. I love the dragonflies too. I have a couple of them now. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Sandi McBride said...

Yes, David would love this so very much!!!

Hilary said...

You're too sweet, Sandi. Thanks kindly. :)

Merisi said...

That was fun. I only got the first and the last one right.
Thanks! :-)

Hilary said...

Merisi that's two more than I probably would have got.. if I didn't already know the answers. ;)

Maria said...

Lovely to see the full picture.

Hilary said...

Thanks, Gaelikaa. :)