Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumnal Sunshine

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne

I have another mishmash of images for you - some which date back a few weeks - some which are more current.

morning breaks
One early October morning, the day broke in cloudy hues.

morning breaks - 3 mins later
A moment later, a band of colour lit the underside of the clouds and danced in colours that only nature can imagine.

sparrow ready for takeoff
A couple of months back, I was having lunch at an outdoor table in the colourful town of Warkworth. I was watching this little bird considering its takeoff.

sparrow take off eh
And then it did. I like how it appears as if the bird is in position to embark on a small roller coaster ride on the string of eight lights in the window.

cutie on a swing
Also in flight, was this little sweetheart. She and I chatted for a long time while we each sat swinging. She educated me about the complete storyline of some TV show or movie and she even stopped swinging every now and then to draw the characters in the dirt. She insisted that it's all a true story because her MUCH older brother (he's 6) said it was and he always knows. It was a lovely chat.

inverted umbrella2
A different little girl dropped her umbrella one windy, rainy day and left it to collect a puddle on the inside. This was photographed from my apartment window.

wavy clouds
On another rainy day, these clouds seemed to be almost undulating in the sky. It reminded me a little of Van Gogh's kind of sky.

under the rainbow
Rainbows - that ever hopeful transition between rain and sunshine.

wooded area jackson creek
Autumn along the sunlit woodsy trails of Jackson Park.

true colours jackson creek
The vibrant colour of algae when the sunlight hits it just right.

Aging cedar fronds enjoying the sun's soothing ministrations.

into the trees Jackson creek
A small boardwalk over a stream and between the trees.

colourful carrots
Also sun-kissed are some end of season colourful carrots from the Farmers' Market.

Love art 2
And another colourful display expressing our support of diversity. Sidewalks all over Peterborough were expressing inclusion and support during the Love Lives Here movement late in September.

Love art
Gotta love the positive spirit of Peterborough. Note the "Love Wins Over Hate" sign partway up the alley wall.

setting sun copy
This photo goes way back to mid July. The boats are all gone from the harbour now.

Summer stayed late but now she is done. Autumn is breezing through town in a hurry. It won't be long until the season changes once again. Hopefully, it will continue to offer something new to photograph.

Thanks for indulging me, once again.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Illusions of Someday

First thing we'd climb a tree. And maybe then we'd talk. Or sit silently. And listen to our thoughts. 
With illusions of someday, cast in a golden light. No dress rehearsal. This is our life.
~ Gord Downie
1964 - 2017

This is what happens when I don't post for a long while - I end up posting all sorts of summer scenes in October. Of course, our autumn has been so incredibly summerish this year that you could hardly tell the difference. No? Okay fine.. just go along with me. I have images to share and they are found below.

Peterborough sunrise
Sunrise is now happening a little later each day but back in summer this one peeked into my apartment pretty early.

This is MusicFest. Every summer, Peterborough has free live concerts in the park on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. I've posted about them before - including some of this year's performers. On one beautiful summer evening, there was a fine performance by the fabulous Sheepdogs.

sheepdog shirt
A fan with his shirt designed by a local young artist.

Toward the end of the season, we had a fun night of ABBA and Bee Gees cover groups. I think it's obvious which one this is.

tai chi in the park
During one of the concerts, this group was practicing their Tai Chi.

Lift Lock Dinner - guests arrive by Voyageur canoe
Once a month, during the summer, Peterborough hosts a multi course "Dinner Under the Lift Lock". I had somewhere to be that evening but I decided to stop by for a little while with my camera. I arrived in time to see chefs and guests arrive by Voyageur canoe.

Lift Lock Dinner - bon apetit
This wasn't exactly under the liftlock. Since it was early, I was only able to witness guests arriving for drinks and appetizers before their tables were being set up under the lock. I needed to hurry off but please check out one person's experience from last year. It's pretty interesting. Perhaps I'll catch more shots next year.

And of course it isn't summer without catching sight of the Liftlock Cruise boat several times a day.

One Saturday each August, the usually-busy Hunter Street is closed to traffic and turned into a gathering place featuring music, food, drink and partying. It's the Hootnanny on Hunter. My good friend, Dakshina and I were trying to figure out if this couple standing on the right knew each other but hadn't seen one another for a long whilee.. or if we were witnessing the beginning of a new romance. What do you think?

Cutie on Hunter St
A dog walks into a bar... Well no, not really. We were at the above bar during the Hootnanny when "Dougie" the puppy was carried into the bar. And yes, his fur was as silky soft as it looks.

sunny toms2
Summer tomatoes ripening on the sill from my dear friend, Carol Anne's garden.

little slugger
This little slugger was having a blast hitting the ball around in the park.

in flight
A yellow admiral enjoying the milkweed captured in flight, just after take off.

over the rainbow - crane fly
Somewhere over the rainbow, Crane flies fly.

ZimArt has to be seen to be appreciated. A short drive from home brings us to Rice Lake in Bailieboro where curator Fran Fearnley runs an amazing outdoor sculpture exhibit. Each winter, she travels to Zimbabwe to select an artist-in-residence who will reside with her through the summer to display and sell his or her art. Truly, this is a post all its own and hopefully down the road, I might expand further.

Rufaro Ngoma
This year's artist-in-residence was this handsome young man, Rufaro Ngoma. He was making his way around the acreage cleaning some of his many sculptures. Coincidentally, about a month after I visited, I was walking with my son, Alex along the shore of Little Lake, back in Peterborough when we happened to meet Rufaro while he was biking around the area. I was surprised to realize that he recognized me, and even more interesting was that Alex recognized him immediately just from a quick glance at the above photo which I had just uploaded to my computer earlier that day.

road home2
The road home is always lovely and inviting.

And let's finish with an end-of-the-day view of the harbour (enhanced with Photoshop) from the upper floor of the Lighthouse restaurant.

Yup, I still have more. Next time!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Love Lives Here

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength. - Maya Angelou

Peterborough, along with most of southern Ontario and points beyond has just exited a lengthy and lovely heat wave - summer's last hurrah. Although the following images are from earlier in the recently-ended season, some of them express the recent heat and the current mood of the area, in more than one way.

This Saturday is Yom Kippur - the holiest day of the year for observant Jews. And it will be on this date that a lowlife who bears a swastika tattoo on his chest, will lead a white supremacist rally in our beautiful city. It is under the guise that they are protesting our Prime Minister Trudeau and illegal immigration. Make no mistake that these are nazis who also oppose legal immigration, and any skin colour other than white. A large counter-protest in the form of peaceful, solidarity events called Love Lives Here will also take place throughout the weekend. That's the Peterborough I know and love. I feel certain that messages of anti-hate will far outweigh those of the "the deplorables," but it's still all so unsettling and disturbing.

The photos are from a couple of summer day trips to Cobourg - where all of the beach pics were snapped, as well as Port Hope, Warkworth and Campbellford. The shore of Lake Ontario reflects the sizzling days of the past couple of weeks, and some of the various signs echo the prevalent mood around town at all times but especially during this particular week. For variety's sake, I'm going to alternate scenes and signs - some of which are welcoming in nature and some simply humourous. All which make up the fabric of my Canada.

cobourg harbour3
Welcome to the lovely port Cobourg, Ontario. Boats were everywhere and so were people. This was the early August long weekend.

This image goes back to June - an attention-grabbing Fathers' Day ad.

cobourg sand canada
On the beach, a sand sculpture competition was happening as part of celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary.

signs2 with crane fly
This sign was outside of a more mom-friendly type shop - but didn't want to exclude others - no matter your order of preference.

cobourg - cold water2
A pair of protective arms keeping her safe from the cold water of Lake Ontario.

signs2 with crane fly2
Here's closer look at that crane fly you might have noticed in the previous sign photo.

cobourg - splash
Despite the really cold lake water, some thought it best to charge right in.

signs 3
A coffee shop reminding customers why their daily dose of caffeine is so essential.

cobourg - texting and wading
Others preferred to wade in while texting or perhaps prepping for a selfie.

These are the signs I like to see in my city. In my country. In my world.

road home
The road home provides a pretty vista.

And signs at home in Peterborough help to restore faith.

cobourg - gulls just wanna
May love, acceptance, inclusion and respect always soar above bigotry and hate.

Canada is like a bird, it likes to soar freely. ~ Unknown

Monday, August 21, 2017

Staring at the Sun

Since I don't own the appropriate filter for my camera, I didn't plan to take any photos of the eclipse today - just of the admiring crowd. I didn't even own a pair of protective glasses that everyone else was smart enough to snap up weeks ago.

solar eclipse - at Armour Hill
I did hear though that there would be "viewing equipment" available up on Armour Hill, here in Peterborough. Alex happened to be here for a short visit, so I dragged him along with me.

solar eclipse - at Armour Hill small crowd
A moderate-sized crowd had already gathered when we arrived to view the eclipse and quite a few more kept coming, the closer we got to complete eclipse - which here, was only 68%.

solar eclipse - telescopes and crowd
The equipment was in the form of numerous telescopes set up by The Peterborough Astronomical Association (PAA) for public viewing. They had also been handing out a few hundred pairs of glasses but had run out before we got there.

solar eclipse - son watching sun
We each took peeks through the telescopes and through glasses which so many people kindly offered to share.

solar eclipse - telescope with camera
At least one of the telescopes had a camera mounted on it which was showing images in real time. You can see the camera right near the man with his arms folded.

solar eclipse -mounted camera
I decided to snap a photo of what that camera was seeing.

solar eclipse - filtering lens
One of the PAA's devices was a handheld circular protective lens which we could not only peer through but also snap photos through it.

solar eclipse - child with telescope
Kids took their turns at the telescopes. It wasn't always easy to focus on it right away - you needed to move around a bit to find it which made it a bit tough for the kidlets whose natural tendency was to grab the viewfinder and move it.

solar eclipse - grandpas helping hands
By the time we were much of the way through it, we could see the changes in the colour of the surrounding landscape. Everything was a little more saturated like it gets a couple of hours before sunset - but in the early afternoon. In that lovely light, scenes like this were everywhere. Parents and grandparents helping little ones to see the eclipse safely.

solar eclipse - woman with filtering lens
Here again, is that homemade, handheld lens which allows you to look and take photos through it. Had I known that, I'd have brought a more suitable camera lens.

solar eclipse Aug 21 2017 - 5 stages
I gave it a try anyway and had less-than-stellar but good-enough results. Here are a few shots Photoshopped into one image. Pictures were taken at the half-hour mark, one hour (with clouds passing by), about ten minutes from totality, a couple of minutes from and right at totality (68% here).

It was great fun to witness it and to record it. Thanks, Peterborough Astronomical Association!

How was it in your part of the continent?