Monday, March 16, 2015

Just Take Them

I'm back from my ten days away visiting family and friends. I saw lots of wonderful people in old familiar places, and had several fun photo opportunities which you'll see over time. But not today. Today's post is one I already had prepped but somehow left it in draft mode. I'll get around to visiting some blogs soonish. There were over 500 posts sitting in my Feedly feed. Ack! I'll just have to catch up with the most current posts.. eventually. Now onto this one. 

The pictures are there, and you just take them.
~Robert Capa

In case you hadn't noticed, it's winter around here. That, along with a problematic back is limiting the number of photo opportunities to be found outdoors. So what better way to remedy that than by wandering around with the camera indoors. I switched out the lens for a marcro lens and began focusing on some of the items around the house. Some of the subjects will be pretty obvious upon first sight but some might need a bit of an explanation or an additional photo to clarify.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day so we'll just have to start out with something green.

Here's something you might see at a kid's party if you don't fancy the idea of doing much cleanup afterward. Or if you don't fancy being fancy.

Here's another view at the bottom end of the packet. They're plastic spoons, knives (left and right in the top photo) and forks.

If you're like me, you get your morning boost from the same place I do. The camera is peering inside a large tin of ground coffee.

If you should run out of coffee filters, a piece of paper towel can come to your rescue.

And this here is the breakfast of champions - if you happen to have feathers and wings.

No need to get overly picky about this closeup.

Just grab one and put it to good use... you have some spinach stuck in your teeth.

They help to freshen the breath while having the added bonus of a Valentine's Day sugar rush - cinnamon hearts. In the interest of true disclosure, I can not for the life of me ever remember how to spell cinnamon. I mangle it so badly that even my computer's built in dictionary throws up its little arms and stares back at me blankly. Good old Google comes to the rescue and doesn't even laugh at my sad attempt. It just calmly replies with "Did you mean cinnamon?" Yes, I did indeed.

This isn't a storm over the lake. Or a snapshot of something on TV. I think I might have guessed the latter if I didn't know what it was.


It's a closeup of something my son gave me for Christmas. Its ever-changing picture can be quite soothing to watch.

It sits on the bookshelf in my bedroom just waiting to be flipped over to start again and you can tell by the smudgy finger prints that it's been flipped many time. Thanks, Alex!

I was intrigued with how this turned out up close and took a few snapshots of it.

I never would have guessed that all those fibres would show up like that. The bright sunlight helped to illuminate them.

A different view from the front.

I haven't read it yet. If any of you have, you can let me know what you thought. Failing that, perhaps I'll let you know if I enjoyed it, once I'm done.

More photos coming up soonish.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Deer and Some Trivia

This is a scheduled post. Right now, I am probably back in my old haunts for a family wedding on Saturday which will kick start about ten days of visiting family and friends before heading back home at the end of the following weekend. It will be my first return to the old setting since moving up here and I'm very much looking forward to it. I probably won't be visiting your blogs during my absence and I may or may not have another scheduled post before I return. More than likely, I'll just see you in about ten days.. ish.

There seems to be very little in the way of deer quotes to be found, and those which do exist have already made an appearance on my blog. So today, I thought I'd research a bit of deer trivia for you - just for fun.

feed me
Paul McCartney credits the shooting death of Bambi's mother for igniting his interest in animal rights.

five amigos resting
The 1979 movie The Deer Hunter was nominated for nine Academy Awards and walked away with five of them - best film, actor, director, editing and sound.


faupie ears
Red Deer is Alberta's third most populated city after Calgary and Edmonton.

notcho itcho
The works of German artist, Franz Marc mostly featured animals in their natural settings - many of which were deer.

notcho boy
Contrary to urban legend, the popular German drink Jagermeister does not contain deer blood. The label does have a stag's head on it though. According to Wikipedia, the name Jagermeister means "master of hunters" the verse found on the bottle loosely translates as follows:
It is the hunter's honour that he
Protects and preserves his game,
Hunts sportsmanlike, honours the
Creator in His creatures.

Notcho beauty3
Doe, a deer - a female deer.
Buck/stag, a deer - a male deer.
Fawn, a deer - a baby deer.

three amigos resting
John Deere began production in 1837 but did not have a logo until 1875. The still-familiar symbol of choice was a leaping deer but the first logo depicted a kind of African deer. This was rectified in 1910 when they changed to a North American white-tailed deer. The logo has been redesigned several times through the years but the well known green farming equipment still sports a leaping deer.

A deer totem symbolizes innocence, gentleness, power, mystery, sensitivity, powers of regeneration/renewal, wisdom and security/protection.

Opie's carrots2
"Oh, give me a home where the Buffalo roam
Where the Deer and the Antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the sky is not cloudy all day."
Home on the Range was written by Dr. Brewster Higley in 1876. The lyrics and title have undergone some changes through the years. In 1947 it became Kansas' state song.

fauxpie carrot2
Deer are one of the many Chinese symbols for longevity.

bank climber
The Yearling is a tear-jerker book and movie about a post civil war farming family who adopts a fawn after killing its mother.

beautiful boy
And finally, a quote.
"The buck stops here."
Not exactly about deer but since we've come to the end of the post, it'll do.