Sunday, August 14, 2016


These images are from different days and were actually leftovers after I had sorted and made mini collections out of the rest of the photos for blog posts.

But when it came down to arranging this group, I began to see a pattern emerging. I saw similarities between images so that I could pair them up with with totally unrelated partners. Have a look and see what I mean.

on the fence5
There's an elementary school just up the road from where I live. Toward the end of June, shortly before classes were done for the year, I noticed that the kids had begun decorating the chain link fence with colourful yarn. Each weekday their designs grew, as they probably spent their recess and after school time adding to their creations. This colourful, diagonal stripe was similar to something I saw just a few days later...

colourful guy
This flamboyant guy had just finished dancing up a storm at one of the local outdoor musical performances at the waterside Holiday Inn. He danced, had a quick rest, grabbed his colourful suitcase and moved along.

on fence
Back to school, and a macro look at some more yarn art...

And back to town where you can see that art does indeed imitate life. These horizontal stripes are on a passing, graffiti-covered train car.

on the fence
These two sections of decorated fence suddenly struck me as a couple of sleeping children, cuddled up next to one another - but only because I was seeing it next to...

Arthur Shilling12
This beautiful creation is by Ontario artist Arthur Schilling (1941-1986). His amazing art was on display at the Art Gallery of Peterborough earlier this year. Taken from the exhibit information card:

"Schilling reveals the beauty and richness of Indigenous peoples. Bold strokes of deep red, yellow, purple and ochre, defined with black and white connect complex backgrounds to figurative forms. The beautifully drawn lines of his faces and figures reveal the gentleness of his approach. These elements point to a unique artist who was guided by the strength of his vision. It was Schilling's skill and confidence that invested his paintings with life and power." 

 If you ever get a chance to see his work, I highly recommend it. In fact, I think fellow-blogger Shammickite from Rook's Nest  would likely agree. She made the trip to Peterborough to see that exhibit a few weeks back and after she did, we spent the rest of the afternoon together. She's a lot of fun and I enjoyed our time together immensely. I hope you'll return soon, Shammie!

on the fence2
One more yarn creation...

rose ave little library
And its accompanying image of slanted books on the shelves of the third Little Library that I have come upon in the neighbourhood while out walking.

on the fence bonnet
One other thing that I found adorning the chain link fence was this lost baby bonnet. Someone must have found it and hung it there in hopes that it would be seen and reunited with its rightful owner. The soft peachy-pink tones and gentle folds reminded me of...

in the pink
This lovely glassware on display at the art gallery.

Thanks for indulging me in what I thought were look-alikes. Yes, I know that some, if not all of them were something of a stretch. But I'm easily amused. I hope you were, too.

More photos coming up eventually.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. ~ Plautus
A few weeks back, I was suddenly presented with the opportunity to take a quick trip to and from my sister, Andrea's town of Port Dover, Ontario for the combined occasion of her 65th birthday, and my brother in law Bill's retirement.
My son, Alex and I were there and back within twenty-four hours for the intimate gathering and our time was filled with family, friends, food and fun. My lovely nieces, Jaime and Stephanie threw this joint part for their parents at the beautiful, old farmhouse where Steph and her partner, Jordan live. They also accommodated six of us with a place to sleep after the party.

I'm not including any people pics - just images of things which made my camera go click!

Yummiest cupcakes ever
Along with lots of other goodies, these scrumptious celebration cupcakes were a huge hit.


A mini replica of the race car Bill and friends owned, back in the day.

My niece's home borders on a big old cornfield which spent much of the afternoon and evening illuminated by the sun.

What farm doesn't have a wheelbarrow parked on it, somewhere?

sunset field enhanced
Colourful clouds gathered as the sun began its descent in the sky.

field at dusk2
Before long, only a small strip of vibrant gold remained on the terrain.

moon at dusk
Which was when the moon made its presence known.

That was also when the mosquitoes dictated that we take the party inside to toast the celebrating couple with champagne.

In the morning, Andrea and Bill kindly treated the family to a yummy breakfast out. As we arrived on the patio, a couple who had been enjoying their breakfast made a hasty exit. The waitress told us that the man was Sons of Anarchy actor Kim Coates who was in town for a charity promotion in support of Big Brothers - Big Sisters. None of us had ever watched the show, so he went unrecognized by our group. I think he saw my camera and feared getting caught up in an intrusive photo request. Little did he know that whether we recognized them or not, they would have easily finished off their breakfast uninterrupted.

After breakfast, Alex and I left for the drive back to Peterborough. Glancing out the passenger window as we crossed this bridge, I happened to see a boat doing circles in the water.

CN TowerAnd this famous landmark greeted us as we drove along the Gardener Expressway in Toronto.

CN Tower3
A closer, more tilted perspective of the C.N. Tower, complete with dashboard reflection.

Z reflection
And back home again, I happened to catch my beautiful little Zephyr's reflection in this small mirror. He was sitting to my right on my desk, when a glance to my left revealed his perfectly framed sweet face. I had to snap two shots and play with them a bit in Photoshop because there was no way I could get his face into focus along with the rest of the image.

And that ends our whirlwind trip into Port Dover. Thanks for your wonderful party hosting, Jaime and Stephanie, and your lodging hospitality, Steph and Jordan. And thanks for brekkie, Andi and Bill. Happy Birthday, my beautiful sister. And Happy Retirement, Bill.