Saturday, September 13, 2014

One Touch of Nature

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
~ William Shakespeare

It would seem that the vast majority of my photos from summer can fall under one of four categories - winged things, furry things, flowery things and weather conditions. I also have images from a couple of weddings and a few other things but I guess I'll start with a mix of a few photos from each of the above-mentioned groups.

ruffie with bokeh
We have frequent visits from this little guy. And by frequent, I mean daily. And by daily, I mean that he's back and forth between our supply of seed and peanuts and wherever it is that he stashes the latter - all of a few feet away. In recent weeks, he's been hopping on the patio table and he makes himself quite at home skittering all over Frank's lap, reminding him that he is still around and just about passing out from hunger. He's a bit of a drama queen but adorable as all get-out. That's our Rufus.

stand aside red
Every now and then, he has to make sure the neighbourhood knows that he's large (he's really pretty tiny) and in charge (yeah, right). He lets out his warning call (it sounds like this) which Frank says means "Stand aside, everyone. I take large steps!" - a reference from the old movie A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

young blue jay
Every now and then, when we toss a peanut for Rufie or one of the chipmunks, a bold-as-brass blue jay will beat them to it. Not much intimidates them. This guy is just learning his way around the goodie hour. He's a cute but goofy looking young one.

balding jay
And an even goofier looking baldie. That seems to happen to a few of them (and other birds) sometime during late summer. It's just part of the moulting process though most birds don't lose all their head feathers at once. We have two of them in this state - this being the worse of them.

summer in the country
This is what a summer night looks like outside on our deck. This photo of the patio chair cushion was taken with a flash. Some of these itty bitty bugs get into our house and cling to the ceiling. By morning, they're part of the horizontal surfaces below. They don't last a night indoors. I wonder how many we inhale or otherwise ingest?

yellow bellied sapsucker juvenile
Here's a little guy we wouldn't mind seeing a little more often. We spotted him in the tree near our deck, one day and though the lighting wasn't great, I snapped a few shots, thinking he was a young Downy or Hairy woodpecker. It turns out that he was neither. We were perplexed, briefly, then Frank said "See what a juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker looks like." And sure enough, that's who he is. Adorable, eh?

petunias low light4
Our hanging pot of petunias look especially vibrant when they're back lit by the late day sun.

black-eyed susan
The Black-eyed Susans grow quite profusely around here. They're always a cheery sight on a summer day.

And the same goes for daisies. You can't have summer without these sunny charmers.

lovely spring greenery
This is what early June looks like across the bay - just a little to the left. Those same spring greens are now showing signs of shifting over to autumn colours. Summer didn't last very long, this year.

Blueberry island at dusk
Just three weeks later, across that same bay but over to the right, Blueberry Island glows in the setting sun. Funny how those fresh greens of summer can appear to be ablaze when the sun is low.

sunrise again3
And rather than end with the sun going down, here's a mid-July sunrise, complete with the peachy hues of a misty morn. Right outside our window. Sigh!

That's it for this post. I'll have more critters and plant life for you soon. Or maybe something completely different. Ya never know.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Catch of the Day and Posts of the Week

One day, about a month ago, my camera and I were sitting out on the dock. I was reading. The camera was waiting patiently for an opportunity to spring into action for me. It's very loyal, that way. The book was The Memory Keeper's Daughter, if you're at all curious and it was okay as sitting-on-a-dock summer reading goes.

Our neighbour to the left (when facing the lake) has a floating dock (in addition to their regular dock) and it was there that this gull caught my eye. It was not just resting there as gulls often do. It was busy working at its newly-caught dinner. It dropped and picked up this small catfish so many times. I figured it was trying to get the angle just right so that he could swallow it and turn his sights to the next catch.

Here's how that went.

catch of the day
Pick it up by the fin. Stand there like that for a few moments looking utterly perplexed.

catch of the day3
Put it down and figure out your next move.

catch of the day6
Pick it up, once more. This thing wriggles too much. Plus it's got googly eyes. What to do.. what to do?

shake shake shake
Go on.. give it a good shake.

dead fish
Yup, it's well and truly dead.

catch of the day8
Now this you can work with. Open wide.

catch of the day9
That's better. In you go.

catch of the day10
Down the hatch. Now, where's dessert?

  ❀    ❀ 

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