Friday, October 31, 2014

A Trip Into Town

Aside from french fries (chips), I'm not overly fond of deep fried foods. But Frank is. And so is his son, Francis who was visiting us in September. I do like fish though and a fair compromise was a meal of deep fried halibut and fries, served at the local fish and chips restaurant. Frank had been there a few times before and said that theirs were the closest he's had to authentic fare since he'd been to England several decades ago. And that their fries were top notch. So we left home with that destination in mind.

The town of Bancroft is just a few minutes from home - about twenty -give or take a few - depending on who's driving.

from driveway
This was the view of our dock, boat and surroundings as seen from the driveway on our way out.

by the dump
It takes about ten minutes to get out to the highway which is coming up shortly after that turn. This is the view that greets us after dropping some trash off at the dump. Just keep in mind that this was in September and all of those colours are now bare branches.

south on 62
Once on the highway, the scenery kind of goes out of its way to greet us. It's not very difficult to get used to seeing this each day.

overlooking beautiful bancroft5
Just before arriving at our destination, we decided to take a quick detour up to Eagle's Nest, to the lookout over town. The fish and chips place is just a little farther along that road - the same one we took to get here.

soaring over bancroft2
A soaring bird keeps watch over the town of Bancroft.

rock face in town2
Up there, is pretty much where we were in the previous photo - maybe just a minute or so up the road from there - but close enough.

for the halibut
Here's where we were headed - For the Halibut.

for the halibut2
I wandered around snapping a couple of photos. I have no idea why I opted for this odd-looking character and vacuum instead of actually photographing the fish and chips on our plates. It's unfortunate that I forgot because despite not caring all that much for this sort of meal, I found it quite tasty. At least the guy is in keeping with Hallowe'en.

for the halibut kitchen2
While paying our bill, we could easily see the fryers just behind the counter. I wasn't busy stuffing my face at that time, so I did think to get a photo of it. I liked the way the light fell - I thought it would make an interesting picture but that might well just be me.

autumn across the bay2
We were back home in time to sit outside and enjoy the late-day sunlight across the bay.

More photos coming up soon. Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Light in Dark Places and Posts of the Week

Just a quick word to some Google+ bloggers in general, and specifically to a new reader. 
Hi Marie! You leave such lovely comments when you "flutterby" and I very much want to return the favour when I stop by to visit your fine blog. But alas, Google+ will not permit me to leave a comment unless I switch over to a Google+ profile, and as long as I can avoid maintaining two profiles, I will not be acquiring a Google+ profile anytime soon.

I follow quite a few bloggers who use Google+ but whose blogs do allow me to add my comments. But every now and then, there's one or two who prompt me to create the Google+ account in order to comment. And I don't. I'm guessing that there is something in the settings which will either allow or disallow regular Blogger profiles to make a comment. Perhaps it's just a small tweak to your settings?

I have tried to find some contact information on your page but was unable to come up with an email address so that I could let you know my dilemma. If you could please email me at thesmittenimage at gmail dot com, I could perhaps share my comments with you in email, if you prefer to keep your blog open to Google+ comments only. I'm just not at all anxious to create a second account to appease the Google+ gods.

If anyone who has a Google+ account, and who allows Blogger profiles to comment can tell me how that's done, I'd sure appreciate it.


Now on with the blog post...

Oh and for those who asked about my last post - if I thought the search and rescue which I documented might have been a training exercise.. possibly. But I don't think it was. It took place on a holiday Monday. Though it wasn't a national holiday, I think the Canadian Forces might keep their Search and Rescue team available for what was a very busy weekend in our neck of the woods.  Still, I can't know for sure.

Okay, NOW on with the blog post...

May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

The full moons around here are beautiful. They defy description so I won't even try. Just sit back and listen to sounds of the loons, and enjoy this moonrise from early September.

moon rising

moon rising 4

moon loon and chairs

moon rising6

moon rising3

moon rising5



See you soon. And I'll have more photos, of course.

❀    ❀    ❀

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