Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Orange You Glad?

Are you sick of my sunrise photos yet? Nah, I didn't think so. Even if you are, I have more to share so you'll all just have to soak it up. Get your dose of Vitamin D and enjoy.

kitchen corner
Welome to the sunny corner of the kitchen - at least it is when the sun breaks free from the night and shines into our east facing windows.

orange juice morning
Have a glass of orange juice to kickstart your morning. Along with the sun's Vitamin D, you get your dose of Vitamin C. Orange you glad you stopped by?

sunrise fruit
Ahh still life. A bowl of fruit warmed by the early morning golden sunbeams of dawn.

morning skitty3
Even Skitty glows in this early morning light.

golden sunrise3
Let's have a look outside where that sunrise is happening. It's hiding just behind that tree branch.

gold across the bay2
And bathes the still-icy lake with amber intensity.

More photos in a few days.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Skittles on Moving Day

So this was moving day, last November.

Skitty, being the ever-present doglike cat that he is, was watching closely as the last of my belongings were packed up and disassembled.

Sometimes he watched very closely.

skitty bored
He's not all that easily impressed (he a cat, after all), and at times he was rather bored with the whole process.

something is wrong here
Until my bedroom emptied out around him. My bed was taken apart and there was nothing all that recognizable in the room any more.

Skitty a little bit of tude
Then he showed a little bit of attitude. Just who taught that cat to give the finger like that, Alex?

skitty and zephyr settling inUltimately, all was well with both felines. They eventually settled into the new place, each taking their spot on the basement sofa. Sweet dreams, guys.

More photos coming up soonish.