Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Posts of the Week

The icon/award to the left here is yours for the taking if your blog post has been named as a Post of the Week - either as top post or as a runner up, today or in past weeks.

This week's top Post of the Week is:

by Meredith Teagarden
at The Things We Carried

Other wonderful posts in no particular order are:

by Brian
at WayStationOne

by Gaelikaa
at Gaelikaa's Diary

by MaggieGem
at This Life Thru the Lens

by Kathleen
at Easy for Me to Say

by Risley
at Cedarflame

by Erin
at In Through the Back Door

by Daryl and Toonman
at Out & About in New York City

by Thumbelina
at Secret Worlds

Reader's Choices:

Recommended by Jane:

by Janine
at Sniffles and Smiles

Recommended by Nancy:

by Bogey
at View From The Fairway

Please drop by their blogs for a visit and leave a kind comment if you have the time. Also, please feel free to add your own choices (for any blog except this one) for a specific blog post in the comments section below, where others can see them. Thank you.


Maria said...

Thank you Hilary! I am honoured!

Saz said...

Great list, a few of my regular favourites here! Erin, Janine, Thumbelina and Meredith's posts are sublime...you really do ratch through and find the best Hilary!!

You are a star too!

Zuzana said...

I have read Gaelikaa's post already (a superb read!), but I will try to visit the others as well.;)
Congratulations to everyone.;)

Brian Miller said...

thank you hilary! smiles.

traveling today so i will visit everyone tomorrow!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

HA! But I would give it to you :)

Daryl said...

Oh behalf of ToonMan I thank you... (all I did was post it for him) .. he will be tickled!

Thumbelina said...

Hilary - thank you. You put me in very good company and honour me.

I will try to get by people this week. It is a little easier now it is weekly!

A lovely surprise - alerted by one or two comments. Thank you again.

Mental P Mama said...

You always have the best choices! Thanks;)

LadyFi said...

Some wonderful reads! Thanks.

Susan said...

I'm not sure when you started this, but what a wonderful idea! Thank you! Lots of fun new places to visit.

Anonymous said...

Wow... thanks for the blog awards... I'll go check them out.
Hope you are doing great....
The Bach

Anonymous said...

Great choices Hilary, as always. I couldn't separate 'em, they're all winners.

photowannabe said...

Thanks I'm on my way to check the posts out.

Lori said...

Great choices Hilary. I made my rounds and they were all great. I love finding new places to enhance my reading! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


gine my surprise to open my nblog today and find so many visits because of POTW from you! Thank you! You have added to my thankful list!

I am very touched to be mentioned! I am out of town but will visit all of the others soon.


ds said...

Oh, goody! More things to be thankful for this week--some of which I know & some to get to know. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving Hilary! ;D

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I see a few of my favorites here. Meridith's piece is more than worthy.

Will check out the rest.

Maggie May said...

I am a bit later with this..... but have read Meredith's & Gaelikaas and Thumbelina's and Sniffle's & Smiles..... and have to agree they are really brilliant!

Nuts in May

Hilary said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

• My pleasure, Gaelikaa. :)

• Saz, thank you so much.. you make me smile. :)

• Protege, I'm sure you'll like them. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. :)

• Brian, my pleasure. Enjoy your travels and be safe. :)

• Gary, you're too sweet. Thank you. :)

• I'm glad, Daryl. It was a very funny toon. :)

• Thumbelina, my pleasure. I'm sure you'll enjoy the others if you can get to them. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• MPM, thanks. There's so many from which to choose. :)

• LadyFi, I'm glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks, Susan. I started this a couple of months ago after David McMahon retired his blog. He was doing these picks daily (among several other posts) and I have no idea how he could keep up with it all. I opted for weekly and find that it keeps me plenty busy. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Thanks, Bach. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. :)

• Moannie, thanks. They are indeed all winners. I always have a difficult time trying to select just one as the top choice. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Sue, thanks for that. I'm sure you'll enjoy them. :)

• Smiles4U, I'm glad you're enjoying my post choices. Thanks for letting me know. :)

• MT, my pleasure. You're always a fine read and I'm happy to point you out to others - though I'm sure most of them already know you. Safe travels, my friend. :)

• DS, nicely put. Thanks for stopping by to support. :)

• Michael, thank you. Our Canadian Thanksgiving was last month but I'll try to inhale some turkey from across the border. I hope your holiday is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks, MJ. I'm glad you are enjoying these posts. Meredith is a gem, isn't she? Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Maggie, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you agree with my choices and that you've enjoyed them. :)

Woman in a Window said...

Hilary, thank you. I chuckled that a poem such as this one found its way here. And to think, your pictures are what brought it on.

Thank you!

Kathleen said...

Thank you so much, Hilary. I was totally dumbfounded by the reaction to the shot of my silly "girls"! So very fun. Looking forward to having a look at your picks this week!

MaggieGem said...

Wow, I was quite pleasantly surprised that I've mentioned, thank you!

Cedar said...

Thank you Hilary, I saw one of my post got a little more than my usual hand full of readers and I found out why here. You are aces.

Hilary said...

• Erin, poems such as any that come from your head are always worth a good listen. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks kindly, Kathleen. I love that shot. They're so cute, funny and serious all at the same time. Thanks for the visit. :)

• My pleasure, Maggie Gem. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks very much, Cedar. I'm glad you're pleased. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Great POTW! Meredith's Thankful 25 was stunning.

Hilary said...

Thanks for stopping by Joanna. It's a great post, eh? :)