Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Good Thing... and the Posts of the Week

When enjoying your time in cottage country, please remember...

... one thing often leads to...

... another.

Posts of the Week

The icon to the left here is yours for the taking if your blog post has been named as a Post of the Week - either as top post or as a runner up, today or in past weeks.

This week's top post goes to:

Hummingbird Poop - Naturally
by Frank
at Baron It All

Other wonderful posts in no particular order are:

Beyond Our Sight
by Christopher
at Christopher's Views

Batman Speaks of Ramadan
by Sandy
at Writing in Faith

by Nick
at Along These Lines

The Other 364 Days
by Dianne
at Forks Off the Moment

Good Dog
by Don
at ffocuss

A Communion
by Saz
at Fab, Feisty & Fifty

An Unlikely Guide
by Nancy
at Life in the Second Half

The World's Smallest Gas Pump Attendant
by VM Sehy
at VM Sehy Photography

Holy Mackerel
by Lady Fi
at On A Quirky Quest With Lady Fi

CPR but Not Mouth to Mouth... Eeewww!
by Tabor
at Room Without Walls

by Deb
at Talk at the Table

Blue Tailed Skink
by Kerri
at A Little Piece of Me

Please drop by their blogs for a visit and leave a kind comment if you have the time. Also, please feel free to add your own choices (for any blog except this one) for a specific blog post in the comments section below, where others can see them.

Thank you.


Nancy said...

Thank you for the mention!! I can't wait to read the other posts.

Loved the photos - and I agree. :-)

Maggie May said...

Those photos were brilliant....... both of them but especially the first!

Maggie X

Nuts in May

Tabor said...

Once again a compliment and a nice reading list...when I get the time.

Zuzana said...

Oh, thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning.;) Congratulations to everyone,

Sueann said...

Congratulations to all the posts of the week!!
Hilary, those photos are wonderful. So beautiful and they made me smile!

NJ said...

Funny! Thought of you Monday night when I talked to my daughter in Toronto. She woke up the other night and heard a noise in her room. She was kind of sleepy but determined that the noise was coming from behind her bed. She looked and their was two raccoons in her room. Her room is an attic room with a window onto a flat room. She often goes out the window to sit on the roof. I've always worried about someone breaking in this way. They left when asked thankfully and she's decided to keep the window shut from now on. It would probably scare the piss right out of me!!!

Unknown said...

You are too funny!
and right.

and thank you for the shout out.
and the direction to the other posts... on my way to them .

Pauline said...

Can't wait to read the choices and find some new blogs to visit. Thanks, Hilary!

Brian Miller said...

smiles @ the pics and your words...some great pics...i see wome good friends in there and some yet to be made...

lime said...

hahahaha, sooo true!

congrats to all the worthy winners this week :)

Anonymous said...

For once I managed to sit down and read all your nomminees in one go. Thank you Hilary for such wonderfully diverse choices. Read 'em all except one, Holy Mackeral which for some reason did not appear.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so funny!

Many many thanks for mentioning my mackerel skies. Can't wait to read everyone else's posts!

Anonymous said...

Moanie - not sure what the problem was. But Holy Mackerel is alive and well ...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

well, you can always get rid of the moosehead behind a bush too, eh?

Nick said...

Thanks Hilary for the POTW. Since I’m still rather new to this, I'm not quite sure what that stands for. Publicly Owned Treatment Works? Poor Old Tired Wanker? I’m hoping it’s something like Pick Of The Week. Although, given my history with handshaking and where little fingers may have been probing, “pick” has me worried now :)

Anonymous said...

I'd already stumbled onto Frank's post and I'll be looking for hummingbird poop while putting fresh "food" out for them this morning.

Ah, Moosehead lager. You're bringing back memories of my younger years!

Lori said...

Big smiles at the pictures and your words..they are so wise. :)

I recognize some of these but sure look forward to getting a chance to check them out when I can. Have a wonderful Wednesday! XX

Daryl said...

Fun selection .. especially the hummingbird poop post

She Who Carries Camera said...

I'll definitely check them out!

CIN&BUD said...

Congrats to the Picks of the week!

Anonymous said...

Had to come back for another peek at your pics. I had missed the beautiful reflection of the bottle the first time (you had me at beer on a Wednesday morning -- scary, eh?)
but I can't get over how beautiful the outhouse looks in the dappled sunlight and shadows. It's perfect camping weather and I wish that is where I was (camping, not in the outhouse, per se).

Kat said...

Haha! That is too funny! :)

Off to read the posts of the week!

Frank Baron said...


Thanks for the plug. :)

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...and the titles alone of all of these have me hooked!

messymimi said...

I need the smile after the doctor's appointment. Thank you.

Don said...

Thanks for such an honor and for showing the way to the other wonderful posts. I'll drink to that!

Scott Law said...

Nice reflection on that bottle. As they say liquid in liquid out. Clever post.

VM Sehy Photography said...

Thank you for the award. I love the reflection on the beer bottle.

Mage said...

:) You are always appreciated.

Thumbelina said...

You know I'd put Frank's blog in there every post, along with *that* one which you won't let us!

Great photos.
And thank you to you for the time you take to search out new material and acknowledge the diversity.
I remember how much it meant to me when I got that *recognition* too. (And anyone who doesn't know me, Hil knows that's not a hint. I stopped blogging a while ago. I just know how nice she actually is and this is part of it!)
Great choices in there. Again. :)

Dianne said...

the reflection of the beer bottle and the shadows on the outhouse are so lovely
you can make anything beautiful

thanks for the mention Hil, you're very kind to me

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I just adore the name...Hummingbird Poop...I'm crackin' up to go check this one out.

BTW: Great photos girl!

God bless and have a super great day!!! :o)

Kerri Farley said...

You are so funny!
thanks for the POTW mention! Very much appreciated!

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for highlighting these, and thanks for the mention! I am honored.

The one thing leading to another is definitely a good reason to cut back in the cool weather!

Cloudia said...

your shots SHINE

a cornucopia!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

Kelly H-Y said...

Love it!
I look forward to reading the POTW!!

christopher said...

Great wit and clarity in your photos.

Thanks so much for the POTW mention.

Saz said...

HIlary, Moannie told me that I had been mentioned here!! many thanks...I am always knocked off my many people here and am honoured to be mentioned..

l thank you


Hilary said...

Thank you, everyone. As always, your warm words and encouraging comments are so appreciated. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yeah! More great blogs to read. Thanks Hilary.
xo jj

Unknown said...

So funny : )