Thursday, May 5, 2011

Felines and Fishing Lines

Day trip season has returned to southern Ontario!

day trip to garden hill
One day last week, Frank, his son #1 and I went fishing at a spot we tend to frequent each spring. We packed the car around noon and soon found ourselves on this lovely, hilly stretch of country road.

I wrote about our visit there last year and how we caught a few fish for the then-pregnant feral cat who lives at the mill.

fudge mill kitty4
We were quite relieved to see that she had survived yet another winter and seemed to remember us from previous years. Frank has been fishing for her every year for a long time now. She was much less reserved than usual - probably more hungry, too (she looked skinny to me) - and had a few things to tell us as she approached. She stayed just out of reach, but close enough to encourage us to toss some fish her way.

The appropriate meal-sized chub which were so plentiful last year, were playing hard to get this spring, and as luck would have it, the kitty ended up with a decent-sized trout, which was injured in the catch and therefore unable to be released. She was quite happy with that.

fudge mill kitty5
She's a sweet girl, isn't she?

in the window
The mill, which is now for sale, has been shut down for longer than I've been going there, and has fallen into quite a state of disrepair. But I find its dilapidated rustic setting quite charming. Here's a peek inside one of the front windows.

And here's one, out back close to where we fed the kitty.

bottle cap
Sometime before our visit, an angler must have quenched his thirst with a cold beer. He left this bottle cap behind. I wonder if he fed our furry friend, too?

After the feline's belly was full, we moved on to another fishing spot. I opted to leave the line-wetting to Frank and his son, and took a walk to snap some more photos instead. I'll share those with you next time.


Friko said...

Beautiful cat. I hope lots of free meals come her way via day trippers.

The day trippers have arrived here too; I hear and see them stroll round the perimeter hedges, children shrieking and grown ups doing what grown ups do, some moaning and complaining, some having a conversation while walking and other silently struggling uphill.

The ones that bring a picnic spread their blankets on the meadow below and stay awhile, in colourful groups that look like bright butterflies have landed on the greensward.

ellen abbott said...

so glad the kitty survived another winter and thank to Frank for feeding her.

Steve Gravano said...

She's a pretty girl, nice portrait.

Anvilcloud said...

Kitty really had her tail up. A hard life though.

Anonymous said...

As usual, beautiful real pictures...

ADRIAN said...

The peeling paint on the mill window is beautiful. I hope you managed some more to share.

Kappa no He said...

So sweet you guys feed the kitty and she remembers you. Curious what was in the box in that window. It said something about fruits...

Mental P Mama said...

Love these shots...and I wish that kitty had a good home. Sigh.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Sounds like the perfect day. I will be dipping some worms tonight myself. My mom is visiting and now at 85 needs some help with baiting and removal. I keep reminding her of her words when we I was growing up, "If you're going to fish, you have to bait your own hook and ..."

Enjoyed the photos.

Leah J. Utas said...

So good of Frank to fish for the pussycat. I'm glad she appreciates it.

DJan said...

I always love your pictures, Hilary, and your broken windowpane picture is outstanding. I also love the fact that you fed Kitty and that she survived another winter.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

She is a sweet girl. I'm also glad to hear she survived another winter. I love that you share her story with us.

Anonymous said...

How unique and wonderful the bottle cap photo is. And who wouldn't love a drive down that glorious looking country road. I know I would!


Jinksy said...

Dilapidation works for me, every time...

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

That cat is so pretty, but she really does look thin. I wish she had a good home, but I guess Frank is the next best thing. :) Thanks for taking us along on your spring day trip.

Out on the prairie said...

That cat is eating well when you visit. I love trout.

Frank Baron said...

Here I am, trying to get ready for another trip out that way and I can't find my little blue cooler that we used last week. Mebbe I'll have better luck after some coffee.

Hope we didn't spoil Kitty with that trout. Might just turn her nose up at chub now.... ;)

Daryl said...

She is one beauty and quite healthy looking for a feral cat ... and I would love taking pix of that old mill lots of photo ops there ..

Anyes said...

I love the old mill broken window photograph, and the feral cat eye's seem to have seen so much in a year.
Beautiful Hilary :-)

Gail Dixon said...

I love rustic settings and you photographed this so well. While I'm not a cat person, I can appreciate the beauty of this one. Glad he got a good meal!

Bossy Betty said...

These were just wonderful! It makes me want to day trip! The kitty is going to remember you and let you into heaven someday!

Unknown said...

Love the window photograph with the Fruits de Ontario box and the roll of duct tape. Very cool.

Kristina P. said...

That cat looks like it wants to pounde!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

She is a pretty kitty, despite her obvious thinness. It would have been very sad it she hadn't survived the winter. I bet that trout was a big taste of heaven for her!

Most folks would have seen the old mill as run down and ugly. You, however, find beauty wherever you go.

Reb said...

She is very pretty. I hope when the mill is finally sold the new owners don't just tear it down. You make beautiful photos of it.

Suldog said...

You take the best cat pictures (which isn't surprising, given the quality of your work overall.)

Barb said...

Wonderful story to go with your rustic photos, Hilary. The kitty actually looks healthy for being feral.

Dawn said...

That first capture of the road made me want to hop right into it and start running it!
Nice Rustic captures of the mill...there is a beauty there!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little girl - I'm glad she made it through the winter! And I love that building!

Tammie Lee said...

she is a pretty and healthy looking kitty. yea to day trips!

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Great series of your day trip. Really tells a story. Delightful!

messymimi said...

Glad the season is back, and hope to see lots more pics of this lovely place.

Mage said...

More than lovely. Yes, she is very thin.

Travis Erwin said...

I must sneak off to New Mexico for a bit of trout fishing soon.

Birdie said...

Your pictures are simply perfect. What have you named the cat?

Dave said...

She's a lovely cat Hilary. A pity she's feral. That shot of the road down-hill is a good perspective shot. And the beer bottle cap shot a good macro picture. Well done! - Dave

Hilary said...

• Friko, I love the way you describe your picnicking day trippers. You make it sound like a lovely event. It seems like spring has begun in earnest just about everywhere that it should. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Ellen, she has survived quite a few now. I think she's a tough old girl. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Thanks, Steve. :)

• AC, it is but she's a trouper. :)

• Welcome, Roobo69, and thanks for the kind words. :)

• Thanks, Adrian. I didn't take too many more at that spot but I did when we moved on to the next fishing area. I'll share those soon. :)

• Terrie, the box says "Ontario Fruits" (in French). It's the typical packaging you find in the stores packed with peaches or other yummies. Summer is coming! Thanks for stopping by. :)

• MPM, I wish she did too, but she's used to raising her babies on her own. I'm just glad she's friendly enough to accept food. :)

• MJ, that's cool that you and your mom fish together. I'm reminded of those words too. It's not my favourite part but I'm learning to accept that. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Leah, she's quite the sweetie, despite her distance. We were happy to see her again. :)

• DJan, you never fail to give me a little ego boost. Thank you for that. :)

• Elizabeth, she's the first order of business each time we go there. I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

• Di, thank you. I'm glad someone enjoyed seeing the bottle cap. It caught my eye and the lens. It is a fine road to the pond. Come join us next time! :)

• Jinksy, dilapidation is the new chic. ;)

• Linda, thanks for joining me. I have to wonder if the cat would even be happy in a home. I suspect not. She does seem glad to see us though.. from a distance. Thanks always for the visit. :)

• Steve, she usually gets the chub but she lucked out this time. ;)

• Frank, well I already know by now that you did indeed find it. It's a good thing it was empty. Though, had we caught any keepers, you would have found it much sooner. ;) The kitty hasn't turned her nose up at anything that I can recall. It's been a while since she's had cheese or kielbasa. :)

• Daryl, it's a great spot and the kitty adds to the charm. :)

Hilary said...

• Anyes, thank you kindly. I always enjoy going there and especially when we see her. :)

• Belle, thank you. I'm glad you can see her beauty despite not being a cat lover. She does shine through. Your kind words mean a lot to me. Thanks. :)

• Thanks, Betty. I wonder what kitty heaven is like. Lots of cat nip, for starters. I suspect I'd love day tripping with you. Wanna stop by and pick me up when you go? :)

• Susan, thanks very much. I was quite taken by that little still (and dusty) life. :)

• Kristina, cats always look like they're up to something. And they usually are. :)

• KC, thank you kindly. It's difficult not to see the beauty of an old building such as this. It has so much character. :)

• Reb, I hope the mill stays too but I have to admit it's looking pretty run down. There's a large exterior stone column that's just about to buckle. Of course that's one of the spots where we stood to fish. ;) Thanks for the kind words. :)

• Thanks very much, Suldog. I keep hoping you'll return to blogging soon. I miss you. :)

• Thank you, Barb. She does indeed seem to be healthy. She knows how to look after herself. :)

• Dawn, I like that road too, but running it would NEVER occur to me. ;) Thanks for the kind words. :)

• Thank you, Barbara. I'm very glad, too. :)

• Tammie Lee, thanks for stopping by. :)

• Welcome, Laura. And thanks very much for the kind words. :)

• MessyMimi, thanks kindly. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)

• Maggie, thanks. She is, but she seems to be doing well. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Travis, that sounds like a great plan. :)

• Thanks very much, Birdie. I haven't named her but it looks like Frank is calling her Kitty. A great, original name, eh? ;)

• Dave, she does well despite her situation. And she's most charming so I'm sure we're not the only ones to feed her. Thanks for your kind comments. They're very much appreciated. :)

Zuzana said...

Love that beautiful cat.;) And Batcat does too.;))
The last picture is very interesting, you have a way of capturing the ordinary and making it extraordinary.
Have a lovely weekend my dear friend,

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots as always. I love that lone bottle cap.

Tabor said...

Excellent photos. I am sure you and I can see the same thing, but you seem to see it with so much beauty.

Maggie May said...

Beautiful cat. However, the very ordinary things look quite beautiful too .... in your photos.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

June said...

I'd bet mama cat has a new litter hidden away somewhere. It's hard for cats living on their own, but they're so well-suited to the life. Or at least this one is. She's passing on some good Able Cat genes! Very clever of her to keep her human-charming skills in order to get those fishy lunches.
I love the mill, the dirt, the bottlecap, the dirty/broken windows. I bet it smells old.

Betty Manousos said...

that cat is so cute! so sweet you feed the kitty.

love these photos, especially the three ones from the bottom.


have a great day!


CiCi said...

A bottle cap can even be interesting in your photos. Your life sounds so fun with your different adventures. The cat is so pretty.

Dianne said...

she is a sweet girl
and I love that she remembers her fish feeding friends

beautiful photos of the mill too

Cloudia said...

excellent and effecting shots-

as always :-)

Jolly Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Tamer Nabil Moussa said...

Good work

I wish you happiness

Unspoken said...

Building windows close-up reminded me of Stratford upon Avon. Very rustic and charming :).

The area you are in reminds me much of here!

Deborah Carr said...

I have a fascination for rundown old structures and the stories they musts carry within their walls.

Russell said...

Lots of good images in this post.

I especially like the ones of the old mill. The image looking inside the window is great. I like the roll of tape and the blue and white box.

The wood with the red paint flaking away is very nice (wish I could think of a better word than nice but it is still early in the morning in my world).

Always enjoy stopping by though I confess I have not been blogging much lately.

Take care.

Kat said...

She is a pretty cat. I wish there would have been some pretty little kitties following behind her too.

Juana Aragon said...

Now... how is that pretty kitty not going to remember you? I am sure not many fancy dinners like that come around!
That trout got injures for a reason. A good deed! By the way every time I see a trout it reminds me of Spain. My husband and I had a seafood store there and trouts were the hardest fish to handle when cleaning, lol!!

Lisa said...

The kitty is so beautiful. Funny how cats thrive inside and out and how I love them all.
Wonderful post and I loved the window. Just loved it. It says so much.

Liz Mays said...

No matter where you go, you find such beauty! That kitty is quite a pretty one. Lucky thing she got a nice meal.

lime said...

very adorable kitty. sounds like a nice little agreement you've got worked out with her. :)

Sebab said...

I like the road picture and your cute little friend!

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VM Sehy Photography said...

What a beautiful cat. Too bad someone couldn't adopt her. Doesn't sound like she'd take to domestic life at this point, though. Glad someone is looking out for her.

Nice shots of the mill, too. I'm a sucker for abandoned buildings. I stay on the outside also. I'd hate to have one collapse on me.

Grayquill said...

Hey, that looks like a good roll duct tape in the window.
Feeding ferrel cats - totally fits.
Nice trip - thanks for sharing it.

sage said...

Nice photos--that should be one happy cat (but I see her teeth in the first shot). The mill looked like an interesting place to poke around.

Sarah Knight said...

Looks like an interesting trip!
Happy Mother's Day!
: )

Hilary said...

• Zuzana, we both know that Batcat is just a flirt and looks at all the pretty kitties. ;) Thanks for the kind words, my friend. :)

• Thank you, Lady Fi. Much appreciated. :)

• Thanks Tabor, but you're certainly no slouch in that department yourself. Your photos are always lovely. :)

• Maggie May thank you very kindly. :)

• June, I'm not sure if she had a litter this year, or not. She's probably getting up there in age - though she definitely had one last year as she was pregnant when we saw her then. She is certainly a survivor. I have no idea about her offspring. She has managed to charm us quite easily and we're thrilled to see her each year when we return. :)

• Betty, thanks very much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

• TechnoBabe, thank you. Your kind comments always mean so much to me. :)
• Thanks, Dianne. Cats are survivors and she's unlikely to forget where she can get a meal. I'm glad you liked the pics. :)

• Thanks, Cloudia. :)

• Welcome, تامر نبيل موسى and thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

• Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed the images. I see you share my love for old structures. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Welcome, Deborah Carr. I share your fascination. These buildings have seen so much. thanks for stopping by. :)

• Good to see you, Russell. "Nice" is good. I'll take that with a big "thank you." :)

• Kat, there have probably been far too many little kitties for that cat over the years. I hope they've all done as well as she has. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Juana, I figure she manages her fair share of decent meals but I suspect you're right about the trout. Before that catch, I caught a very young trout, which we released, and Frank caught a larger one which we thought was a fluke (we usually catch chub in that spot) and released. This one came up bleeding though and so it was meant to be a meal for our feline friend. I'll bet your store did a fine business. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Lisa, I'm with you when it comes to a love for cats. They're such interesting and loving creatures. Thanks for your kind words about the photo. Much appreciated. :)

• BlueViolet, thanks very kindly. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

• Lime, I think so too. We fish for her and she graces us with her presence. Can't ask for much more than that from a cat. :)

• Thanks, Sailor. It's something he's keeping in mind for the future. He's happy where he's working at the moment, which is for the same production company which gave him his schooling. That's a great start for him which will help him whenever he looks for something different. For now, he's wise to stay where he is. Thanks for the info. :)

• VM, I think you're right. I believe that cat is just used to her independence and wouldn't take kindly to being "owned." I suspect she has a lot of folks care for her throughout the fishing season. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate the visit. :)

• Good to see you, Grayquill. That is indeed duct tape.. very dusty, dirty duct tape. Thanks for joining me.. nice to have you along. :)

• Sage, of course you see her teeth.. she was smiling! ;) Talking, actually. She was a rather vocal critter. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thank you so much, Sarah. :)

SandyCarlson said...

Great post. I wish I had the money for the mill. I like the way you handled that bottle cap photo. Though I do with the fisherman had taken it away. Great stuff.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Isn't she beautiful but such a hard life scrapping to survive. Yall are kind to feed her. I've been feeding some feral cats at a nearby park. A local cat rescue group have trapped them and had them sterilized and then released back into the park. It's not a perfect solution, but a beginning.