Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Ducky and a Few Posts of the Week

Before anything, I'd like to wish a Happy 25th Birthday to my first born. I love you, Jeffrey.

feather on the pond
A single feather floating on the pond. Who might it belong to?

somebodys watching
Perhaps this sleepy mallard who kept a wary eye on me.

feather billed duck and minnows3
Or could it belong to his silly partner who seems to be in the habit of transporting them on her bill? In any event, how many critters do you see in this image? Just the one duck? How about the dozens of minnows swimming off to the left? (I'm sure Frank will correct me if that's not what they are.)

And now, without further delay, here are the
Posts of the Week. The icon below is yours for the taking if if your blog post is named as a POTW.


The Pencil Test
by Murr Brewster
at Murrmurrs

Summertime Pranks from Childhood
by Michael
at Michael Manning.TV


Lessons in Bicycles
by Lime
at House of Lime


The Grand Tour (you might just have a staring role)
by Shrinky
at Shrink-wrapped Scream


The Kind of Love That Won't Fly Away
by Chariskalee
at How My Song Goes


Just Steps from the Beach
by Tom
at A Pacific View

Please drop by their blogs for a visit and leave a kind comment if you have the time. Also, please feel free to add your own choices (for any blog except this one) for a specific blog post in the comments section below, where others can see them.

Thank you.


Dan said...

The lone feather is magic.

The lone duck staring you down is cool and reveals a bit of about his trustful ways.

Two thumbs up!

Jocelyn said...

Wonderful reading recs.

Now: do you ever worry the duckies will peck your eyes out?

It seems a pertinent question.

Cloudia said...

your shots uplift and amaze - everyday!!!!

gotta pin this one, the duck's eye...

some new (to me) winners, YaY!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral



Murr Brewster said...

What a peanut you are for adding your support to my bra post! Thanks!

JDC said...

I love it when ducks nestle into their feathers like that.

Sueann said...

What beautiful photos. Love the "feather" shot!! Gorgeous

Dave said...

I wonder what ducks taste like Hilary? I have never eaten one. Seen them in the supermareket though - Dave

Shrinky said...

Oh my goodness, trust you to find a duck with attitude - haaaaaaaa, that shot is priceless!

And I am absolutely THRILLED at the wonderful surprise to see my name listed up here - wow, thank you so much, Hilary, it's truly made my week - I am beaming from ear to ear! I must go pay the others a visit..

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH! That feather!

Daryl said...

that feather reminded me of the opening of the Joy Luck Club movie... and thanks for the good reading/viewing!

DJan said...

I love your feather pictures, especially the one on the duck's bill. I'll head off to read the POTW now, Hilary. You enrich my life in many ways...

Dianne said...

that mallard is a beauty

congrats to all POW people :)

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!

my Jeffrey will be 39 in May

Anonymous said...

That feather shot is exquisite!

TexWisGirl said...

picked some good ones again this week. LOVED the bicycle story. truly brought chills.

TexWisGirl said...

and i love the shot of the drake!

Brian Miller said...

quack quack...smiles...really like the pics...esp the feather...congrats to all POTWs

Out on the prairie said...

What a nice capture.I wonder if that duck is after minnows.

s.m. said...

Wonderful! Thank you !

Liz Mays said...

The feather on her bill makes me giggle! I didn't even notice the minnows until you pointed them out.

Mage said...

Happy birthday Jeffrey. And thanks for the wonderful images that make us pause.

sage said...

the other day I saw a pair of ducks happy on their new pond (the low in of a cornfield that will be dry in a week). I smiled and through, some real estate agent of the feathered variety sold them a bill of goods

Unknown said...

A Happy Birthday to Jeffrey and thank you dear Hilary for POTW!

Rita said...

Love being by the water and enjoying the action. Your feathers and ducks are perfect;love that one with the feather on her bill.

Cheryl Kohan said...

Our ducks are out and about, too! I guess spring is really here. The duck with the feather on his beak is so cute.

And happy birthday to your Jeffrey. As it happens, it's my Jack's birthday, today, too!

Congrats to all the POTW bloggers...I'll be by to visit as soon as I can.

Tammie Lee said...

i love that top feather image~

happy happy birthday to you and your son!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your duck shots! And congrats to the POTW - loved Shrinky's tour!!

Scott Law said...

Some lovely shots of your own, and excellent choices on the POTW. I'm with everyone else on that wary duck.

messymimi said...

Wishing many happy returns of the day to Jeffrey!

Lovely ducks.

Red said...

My guess would be that the silly duck with the feathers in her mouth would be lining her nest! Keep up the POT as I like looking at some other blogs.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Great post! Happy birthday Jeffrey! Congrats to the POTW! And I LOVE ducks! Could it get any better? :)

Steve Gravano said...

That feather floating is beautiful. It looks like it floating in the sky.

Lynne with an e said...

Can't blame that dowdy lady duck for trying to gussy herself up a bit with a few extra fine feathers what with that dandy male of her species all duded up in such a blaze of glory.

Gillian Olson said...

Great pictures, the one of the female Mallard with the feather on her beak is precious.

Christine said...

wonderful collection, the sleepy mallard is stunning :)

VM Sehy Photography said...

Awsome shots Hilary. I've seen ducks with feathers in their bills, too. Don't know what's up with that. I'm personally hoping to get to our local duck pond during the day sometime so all my duck shots don't end up looking like evil creatures have taken over the pond.

Unspoken said...

Ahhh, I have missed your photos and posts of the week! Happy Birthday to your son!

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday Jeffery.

Love the green on that mallard.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

chariskalee said...

Wishing your sweet son a very happy birthday Hilary.

Again, your talent amazes me. And thank you so much for sharing my post. It just made my whole week!

CiCi said...

Hope your son had a wonderful birthday. Did you get to see him on his special day?

Congrats to all the POTW posts.

The colors in the mallard photo are amazing.

Betty Manousos said...

wow, that fist shot is priceless!!

you're so creative...i'm impressed:)


Betty Manousos said...

wow, that fist shot is priceless!!

you're so creative...i'm impressed:)


SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday to your son! I hope he has an excellent 26th year!

Your photos--love 'em. The odd couple make a handsome pair.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

A bit belated, but the wish still stands: Happy Birthday to Jeffrey!