Tuesday, October 30, 2012


With Sandy making her way northward, we're having high winds with a promise of even stronger gusts through the night and tomorrow. The power flickers slightly every now and then, so I thought I'd get this post done while I'm able. (Just as I typed this, the power and therefore the computer shut down for a moment).

I hope every one of you on the eastern of the U.S and Canada are staying dry, warm and safe. Please check in when you can

The following photos were snapped last Hallowe'en.

Pumpkins were waiting patiently for their night to shine.

halloween rat
Do you suppose this could be a pumpkin pie-rat?


Peter Pan was traveling the streets of Never Never Land.

As was TinkerLily.


Then there was my son, Alex the barbarian, his savage girlfriend, Veronica and their misfit love child, Short Straw. They made their own costumes - Alex and Veronica, that is. There was thread, fur, lacing and leather bits all over the place during the process but I think they did a great job.


Drinking a Hallowe'en toast..


.. to Barbarian love!

I hope you have a wonderful spook night ! You're all such a treat to know.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Splendid Uxbridge

One day in August, Frank and I were feeling a bit bored.

benny bored
Not all mopey bored like Benny seemed to be in this pic, but we had itchy feet and decided to take a day trip to the nearby town of Uxbridge.

uxbridge view
It's a lovely little town. We soon parked and began exploring.

splendid men
No matter the time or place, we all feel the same way about our splendid millitary men and women.

Uxbridge train
The Uxbridge train  runs 90 minute round trip excursions to and from the town of Stouffville. They have special themes trips for Halloween, Christmas, Armed Forces Day, or just to experience the autumn colours through the windows of their vintage trains.

 uxbridge roxy
 On our way to the pub for lunch, I got a kick out of seeing this wonderful, old Roxy theatre.


From our booth at the pub, this perspective from the bar caught my eye.


Another eye-catcher, these pretty purple blooms seen while out for a stroll by the waterfront.


Bullrushes were swaying gently along the shoreline.


This sheltered picnic area offered a nice view of the pond.

parasol wreath
Heading back toward the car, we passed a store window where this parasol wreath made a colourful subject.

Benny relaxed
Back home again, Benny's boredom took full hold. I believe he was napping the whole time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've Brought Summer

Hi there! Remember me?

Frank and I have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride while house hunting, these past several weeks. We thought we found our beautiful waterfront home, but the inspection was done last week and it revealed a few surprises that we weren't willing to accept.

So the search continues and so will my infrequent blog visits. Posts of the Week will continue to be on hold for the time being. I apologise for that.

I will try to get a few posts scheduled though, now that I have uploaded, sorted through and readied several dozen photos taken over the end of the summer and throughout September and October.

The following images are from the end of August.

silhouette sunrise
One of the few good things about summer coming to an end and the days getting shorter, is that you don't have to be awake at a ridiculous hour to see a sunrise. Benny and I experienced this one together while on our morning walk.

bee on purple 4
Winged insects seem to be particularly busy when the fall flowers begin to bloom.

bee in purple flower
Let's get up close and personal with this buzzing beauty.

black eyed susans
Another late-summer flower is the black-eyed Susan. There's a lovely patch of them near Frank's place.

blackeyed susan
Why not get up close and personal with this blossom, too? Why not, indeed!

red berries
Berries ripen just in time to greet the migrating birds as they return to, or pass through these parts.

uxbridge berriess
I'm sure that these will attract a few takers. I was tempted by them, myself.

damsel fly2
A tiny damselfly posed nicely for me in the late-day sunlight. Thankfully, it was unaware of Benny's prancing just a few steps away.

damsel fly
And another wee one. The blade of grass might give you some idea of just how little it is.

There isn't a much nicer way to end the day than with clear skies and a near-full summer moon shining from above.

More coming up soon.

Friday, October 12, 2012


When Moannie's daughter Sara wrote to me with the news of her mother's passing earlier this week, she gave me (along with a few others, including David McMahon and Suldog) the great honour of representing her blog family by writing a couple of very short lines to be read at the service. They are as follows:

In this strange and wonderful community known as blogging, words are shared, funny bones are tickled and hearts are touched. Deeply. We soon realize that there are very real, wonderful people behind those words.

From early on, Moannie has been among those whom many of us held dearest. Her fascinating tales, delightful sense of humour and tender heart will be sorely missed and always remembered with love. 

Good-bye, our beautiful friend.

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Rest in Peace, Molly Anne