Monday, October 23, 2017

Illusions of Someday

First thing we'd climb a tree. And maybe then we'd talk. Or sit silently. And listen to our thoughts. 
With illusions of someday, cast in a golden light. No dress rehearsal. This is our life.
~ Gord Downie
1964 - 2017

This is what happens when I don't post for a long while - I end up posting all sorts of summer scenes in October. Of course, our autumn has been so incredibly summerish this year that you could hardly tell the difference. No? Okay fine.. just go along with me. I have images to share and they are found below.

Peterborough sunrise
Sunrise is now happening a little later each day but back in summer this one peeked into my apartment pretty early.

This is MusicFest. Every summer, Peterborough has free live concerts in the park on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. I've posted about them before - including some of this year's performers. On one beautiful summer evening, there was a fine performance by the fabulous Sheepdogs.

sheepdog shirt
A fan with his shirt designed by a local young artist.

Toward the end of the season, we had a fun night of ABBA and Bee Gees cover groups. I think it's obvious which one this is.

tai chi in the park
During one of the concerts, this group was practicing their Tai Chi.

Lift Lock Dinner - guests arrive by Voyageur canoe
Once a month, during the summer, Peterborough hosts a multi course "Dinner Under the Lift Lock". I had somewhere to be that evening but I decided to stop by for a little while with my camera. I arrived in time to see chefs and guests arrive by Voyageur canoe.

Lift Lock Dinner - bon apetit
This wasn't exactly under the liftlock. Since it was early, I was only able to witness guests arriving for drinks and appetizers before their tables were being set up under the lock. I needed to hurry off but please check out one person's experience from last year. It's pretty interesting. Perhaps I'll catch more shots next year.

And of course it isn't summer without catching sight of the Liftlock Cruise boat several times a day.

One Saturday each August, the usually-busy Hunter Street is closed to traffic and turned into a gathering place featuring music, food, drink and partying. It's the Hootnanny on Hunter. My good friend, Dakshina and I were trying to figure out if this couple standing on the right knew each other but hadn't seen one another for a long whilee.. or if we were witnessing the beginning of a new romance. What do you think?

Cutie on Hunter St
A dog walks into a bar... Well no, not really. We were at the above bar during the Hootnanny when "Dougie" the puppy was carried into the bar. And yes, his fur was as silky soft as it looks.

sunny toms2
Summer tomatoes ripening on the sill from my dear friend, Carol Anne's garden.

little slugger
This little slugger was having a blast hitting the ball around in the park.

in flight
A yellow admiral enjoying the milkweed captured in flight, just after take off.

over the rainbow - crane fly
Somewhere over the rainbow, Crane flies fly.

ZimArt has to be seen to be appreciated. A short drive from home brings us to Rice Lake in Bailieboro where curator Fran Fearnley runs an amazing outdoor sculpture exhibit. Each winter, she travels to Zimbabwe to select an artist-in-residence who will reside with her through the summer to display and sell his or her art. Truly, this is a post all its own and hopefully down the road, I might expand further.

Rufaro Ngoma
This year's artist-in-residence was this handsome young man, Rufaro Ngoma. He was making his way around the acreage cleaning some of his many sculptures. Coincidentally, about a month after I visited, I was walking with my son, Alex along the shore of Little Lake, back in Peterborough when we happened to meet Rufaro while he was biking around the area. I was surprised to realize that he recognized me, and even more interesting was that Alex recognized him immediately just from a quick glance at the above photo which I had just uploaded to my computer earlier that day.

road home2
The road home is always lovely and inviting.

And let's finish with an end-of-the-day view of the harbour (enhanced with Photoshop) from the upper floor of the Lighthouse restaurant.

Yup, I still have more. Next time!


Anonymous said...

All the pics looks good...

Anvilcloud said...

I will look forward to seeing your autumn photos this winter. :)

Marie Smith said...

Such great variety! Loved this post! Great photos!

messymimi said...

It's always a joy to see your pictures and walk about the town with you!

DJan said...

A beautiful pictorial reminder of the wonders of summer. I love all your pictures, as usual, they transport me to another place entirely! Thank you. Sending you big virtual hugs. :-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I always enjoy your posts no matter the season :-).

William Kendall said...

That puppy is far too adorable!

Out on the prairie said...

The music really sounds fun. Bet everyone sang with the Bee Gees and ABBA

stephen Hayes said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Cloudia said...

More! More! You live in such a beautiful place and show it off!

Linda said...

gorgeous image no matter what time of year they are posted

L. D. said...

These photos are all so great to see. Yes, too many to make comments. I really like the artist's sculpture. You always capture good compositions and lots of great color.

Rita said...

I have missed you! Fascinating post, as always. You will be capturing fall about now, too. Can hardly wait to see it through your eyes. :)

Ruth Hiebert said...

A wonderful collection of summer memories.

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Lots of beautiful and fun images and quite a variety in this post. Of course, the pup steals the show. Rufaro has an engaging smile. It's no wonder Alex recognized him from your photo.

Barbara said...

What a fun summer! There is so much to do in your area. Thank you for sharing it with us. That last photo is so beautiful!

ellen abbott said...

love your posts. Peterborough sounds like a fun place to live.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Hilary, glad you are back and enjoyed the photos very much. I have been taking a little break from BlogLand too. Hugs, Eddie x

Daryl said...

it still feels very unFALL-LIKE here ... sigh ... i know i will be complaining about the cold soon but i am SO over summer's humidity ...

Linda said...

An abundance of beautiful surprise there, though. Love the puppy!

Linda said...

Fun pictures! The sheep dogs shirt made me laugh.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love the look backs.
Hope things are going well.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

What a delightful town you live in, Hilary!

Unknown said...

Rufaro is cool and of course nice to see Dougie stop by!