Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peas of Mind & Posts of the Week

I had some fun photographing peas and other vegetation one day, last month.

pea pod 2
(With apologies to The Beatles) All we are saying, is give peas a chance.

peas in a pod 3
(With apologies to Janis Joplin) Take it! Take another little peas of my heart now, baby!

peas in a pod
(With apologies to Patti Page) You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Pod.

That's it for the pea puns. Orange you glad?

Pretty corny, I know. You get what you pay for. And right now you get a closeup macro view of a dried kernel of  corn as found in a bag of premium bird feed.

And now, without further delay, here are the Posts of the Week. The icon below is yours for the taking if if your blog post is named as a POTW.


I Feel Faint
by Fragrant Liar
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Hopi Prophecy
by Linda
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Mud Bath
by CiCi
at Liquid Mind, Sanguine Soul

Public Service Announcement
by Karen 
at Spokalulu


Magical Balloons
by Fiona
at Lady Fi

A Heron and a Seagull in Bruges, Belgium
by Indrani
at I Share

The Fact of a Doorframe
by DS
at Third-Storey Window


Recommended by: Lady Fi
Paradise of Buddha
by snowwhite
at One Time One Meeting

Recommended by:
I'm Your Captain
by Deborah
at Fashion Plate

Recommended by herself
 by Mom of A and a
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Please drop by their blogs for a visit and leave a kind comment if you have the time. Also, please feel free to add your own choices (for any blog except this one) for a specific blog post in the comments section below, where others can see them.

Thank you.


Cloudia said...

peaceful. . . in the pod. . . .

Warm Aloha to you from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

joeh said...

I love raw peas, but they make me sneeze for about 90 minutes. THe pictures are so lifelike I felt my nose twitch.

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Not a fan of peas...but definitely a fan of your photos of peas.

Birdie said...

Good punny puns. :-)

stephen Hayes said...

Love the pea photos. They're both magical and spiritual.

Nadezda said...

What a tasty photo of peas!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I can second the Fragrant Liar.

Brian Miller said...

oo that dried kernel of corn looks really cool...and love all your puns...they gave me a big smile this morning...

and i def need to get me one of those fainting couches...hehe...

congrats to all the POTW

Steve Gravano said...

Some of your POTW's were so funny I almost peaed myself! Nothing a mud bath can't fix.
Great pea series.

Daryl said...

those are wonderful arty macros!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning! I think this is the first time in a long time I've gotten to your Wednesday post on Wednesday!! Thanks for directing us to these great posts!!

DJan said...

Oh, PEAS! What pictures you took to a-PEAS me. :-)

Dianne said...

the light thru the pods is wonderful
I love your pea puns :)

brava to all POTWs

Maggie May said...

Light through the peas. Very *peasing * to the eyes.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TexWisGirl said...

is it possible to admire, laugh and groan at the same time? :) gorgeous photos, always. off to visit blogs!

TexWisGirl said...

once again - a great variety! thanks, hilary!

Anvilcloud said...

Your photos give me peasure podner.

ellen abbott said...

love the pictures of the peas, puns aside. OK, I liked the puns too,

Fragrant Liar said...

Peas, madam, you flatter me!

And I do love peas. They're some of my fave veggies. The filtered light through the pods adds an air of intrigue to what many people view as plain old "yucky peas." :-)


Tabor said...

Unfortunately I don't have time to catch up on posts of the week, but so glad I did not miss you art photography...just stunning!

messymimi said...

Nice "peas" of your mind you gave us there. ;)

ADRIAN said...

I love the pea pod shots. Very effective.

Gail Dixon said...

Haha, clever, Hilary. Love your puns and peas. Congrats to all the POTW winners! Will go have a look-see.

Peas out!

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Out on the prairie said...

One year shelling peas myu neice grabbed already shelled ones finding that easier to eat. I said"Annie, No!" to her and she spit the mouthful out in her hand and dropped them back in the bowl. Should have let her eat that handful.I used to plant 4 lbs(1.75K.0 of seed

Anonymous said...

More puns, pease! I love them.

And your photos / oh wow! So gorgeous.

And thank you so much for my POTW nomination!

Gillian Olson said...

Great pictures and love the puns too.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Love those macros! And I wish my peas looked that fabulous.(Not that they are bad -- I had a large bowlful for supper last night, fresh and wet and cold.)
Thank you for the POTW. I'm waiting to see results myself. I've switched to Dawn. ;)

Reb said...

Lovely photos. I will only eat peas fresh and straight from the cooking for me peas. I will go check out the posts now.

flying eagle woman said...

smile...BIG SMILE

Hilary said...

Love your play on words. But peas don't do it again.

DeniseinVA said...

A delightful perspective and fabulous photos!

Liz Mays said...

I love seeing the little silhouettes. This is neat!

Anonymous said...

Peas release me let me go... lol thanks I needed a chuckle!

yaya said...

I like how your brain works! You make everything picture perfect! Even dried up corn? Amazing!

Red said...

You are too clever with your puns! I liked them and the photos you used. Give me more!

Country Girl said...

You're a nut!

Mage said...

Those are just magical. :)

ds said...

OK, now visualize whirled peas... : ) Brilliant photos!
Many thanks for the POTW; I am deeply honored. Off to visit...

Indrani said...

Hi Hilary, thanks so much for the mention. :)
Your photography is even better.

Linda Reeder said...

Oh my, you are so punny!

That Janie Girl said...

Those are such gorgeous pictures.

Zuzana said...

Dear Hilary, am back online after visiting family in Sweden for a few days and did manage to get some great natural beauty shots.;)
Hope you have been well, love your peas.;)

photowannabe said...

I am so drawn to "groaners".
These are some of your best yet and the peasful pods are perfect.

Shammickite said...

I've spent many childhood hours shelling peas in preparation for Sunday dinner. Mmmm... fresh peas cooked with a sprig of mint. And swimming in melty butter. Oh yeah, baby!!!
BTW your pics are great!

Pearl said...

Love the links.



Jo said...

These are really great, Hilary...they have a portrait-like feel for me. I especially like the last, you know I love that dreamy quality that you create so well...the bokeh, the colors, and there's a bit of mystery to it.

Maddy said...

Wow, you are some photographer.

Lynne with an e said...

You could add a theme song to your Posts of the Week this time round:
"Peas pease me, oh yeah, (like I pease you.)" (further apologies to the Beatles on my pod)

CiCi said...

Your humor and your photos go hand in hand. I really like the see through pea pods.

lime said...

i'm all for whirled peas.

Christine said...

Your pea shots are magical ... edible art :) That first one would be fantastic framed for the kitchen!