Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snowy Fence and Posts of the Week

Monday morning brought a few inches of fresh snow. I liked the way it settled into the Vs of this chain link fence. It was early morning and I took a few more photos. I'll post some of those tomorrow.


And now, without further delay, here are the Posts of the Week. The icon below is yours for the taking if if your blog post is named as a Post of the Week - either as top post or as a runner up.

This week's POTW goes to..

Running in the Rain
by Shrinky
at Shrink-wrapped Scream

More wonderful posts are categorized below (they may well fit into more than one category but I'm only selecting one for each):

One Small, Dark Ball
by June
at Aging Gratefully

Baba and Gido Baron
by Frank
at Baron It All

Aloha is Reborn
by Cloudia
at Comfort Spiral

Generation "?"
at Kcinnova's World

Not “Art Deco” Art, “Ice Deck-o” Art
by Sandra
at Add Humor and Faith

Take Me Home, Country Roads
by EthelMaePotter
at The Adventures of Fred and Ethel

Party Animal
by Daryl
at Through My Eyes

Get Over It
by Don
at ffocuss

The Unobvious Beauty
by Elizabeth
at One Magical Moment Per Day

Very Odd.. Yet Magical Day
by Glo
at Porcelain Rose

The Object Of His Affection
by Mountain Woman
at Red Pine Mountain
Recommended by: EthelMaePotter

Let Me Albert County the Ways
by Louciao
at Décikketé Glimpses
Recommended by: Merisi

Please drop by their blogs for a visit and leave a kind comment if you have the time. Also, please feel free to add your own choices (for any blog except this one) for a specific blog post in the comments section below, where others can see them.

Thank you.


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Oh! I never thought I'd be in a photography category. I feel so honored. I love the way the snow sits so neatly on that fence. Fallen snow makes the most beautiful shapes and textures that only nature could create so beautifully!

Indrani said...

The capture of snow flakes is so wonderful, they make such a beautiful pattern

ethelmaepotter! said...

Well, you could knock me over with a feather! Like Elizabeth, I never imagined in my wildest dreams I'd get a mention in the photography section! But thanks so much - I am truly honored.

(And your fence photo is amazing - the contrast between the sturdy iron fence and the delicate white crystals - pure beauty!)

Glo said...

How surprised and delighted I am to find myself chosen on your list :) Thank you for the recognition and honour Hilary! I will check out your other choices which I always find enjoyable.

Your photo of the fence is so effective, with the soft white flakes resting like scalloped pillows on the darker hard wired frame. It reminds me how a gentle cool touch can soothe a furrowed brow ~

Shrinky said...

whoo-hoo (tripping the Light Fandango)!! See my happy face? wow Hilary, what an unexpected and delicious surprise - thank you so much. And here I came in feeling all glum and hard done by after my root canal work, too.. thanks for completely restoring the shine back in to my week!

Your eye has captured yet another wonderful gem, beautiful. I can't believe you are still in the throes of winter - brrrrrrr..

Zuzana said...

What a lovely early spring or late winter image - it shows the snow is now fragile.
Congratulations to everyone, I am sure all these pieces are superb.
Have a lovely day my dear friend,

ADRIAN said...

I love repeating patterns and this is a good example.

Dawn said...

Lovely fence. I have a thing for fences....

Dave said...

I liked your snowy photo Hilary. It looks so fresh and invigorating - Dave

Merisi said...

Thank you for this once again wonderful links to inspiring bloggers!

And thank you for taking up my suggestion of Louciao's post about Alberta County. I am still smitten by those images!

A wonderful week to you,

Merisi said...

May I suggest to your readers to also have a look at Louciao's previous post about Alberta County, A Sunday Drive? Images of Canada that are simply gorgeous.

Moannie said...

Just spent an hour reading all your winners, Hilary. Great choices. Now must move, find some heat and defrost my fingers. Will this wretched winter ever cease? XX

Brian Miller said... the fence pic...kinda glad we are done with snow though...congrats everyone!

June said...

Wow! Thanks, Hilary!
I'm getting quite a lot of mileage out of that story!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful collection of blogs. Congrats everyone!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Shrinky on her wonderful tale!

Unknown said...

Oh goody... I haven't seen any of these so am off to visit! Love the snow on the fence, the way it piles up on top of itself. Thanks Hilary!

Unknown said...

Wasn't that snowfall incredibly beautiful?

And Hilary, I look forward to this. Even if I don't always get around to commenting everywhere. You are so giving to do this.

Mental P Mama said...

W00t! Congrats all! And some of my peeps are in there!

Ruth Hiebert said...

A simile fence when decorated with snow is so pretty.Thanks for sharing this lovely images.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

gorgeous snow pattern :)

Lynne with an e said...

After finding a few puzzling comments in my inbox this morning congratulating me on receiving a POTW award, I eventually discovered your blog. And I'm delighted that I did! I feel like giving one of those long and tear-choked acceptance speeches, but will simply say thanks to you and Merisi.
And apart from the award, I'm looking forward to being a regular visitor here.
(BTW: I live in Albert County in the maritimes, not Alberta.)

Out on the prairie said...

Some nice posts, I ahd actually been to a few already. I knew i might catch your eye with that fat cat, Sicily.

Anonymous said...

Hilary, thank you so much! I am honored to be mentioned with such great company.

I love the lacy V patterns in the fence. You manage to capture the most common sights and make them magical.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hilary. It such an honor to make your list. :)

Rebecca said...

pretty but i must admit i'm tired of snow want colors

Barb said...

V for victory - I like the composition.

Daryl said...

Why thank you for that mention .. that's George a friend's cat and that's her lamp as well ... never have seen that lamp shade on straight, George loved to stick his nose into the light!

CiCi said...

The picture of the fence with snow cuddling in each space is awesome.
I will take time tomorrow to check out the blogs you recommend. Fighting off flu, whine.

Pat Hatt said...

Oh how I hate snow, I want it to go.
It's been around way to long, it's time to warm up so people can walk around the beach in a thong.
Is that wrong, to want a new song.
Or season whatever the reason.
Nice pic though and off I go

Don said...

Delightful snow fence pattern photo.

And thanks for the shout out!

Kat said...

I love that fence shot!

Off to read the POTW! :)

Maggie May said...

I love that link fencing with the snow. Really great photo.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Bob Bushell said...

Very beautiful Hilary.

Bob Bushell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cloudia said...

Thank you for including my "living history" as a POTW!

This blog is one of the BEST on the web- what a pleasure to visit here, and to be mentioned as well!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral



yaya said...

Even though I'm tired of snow, you have given a lovely image and a smile to my frozen face!

SandyCarlson said...

That is sublime! Thanks for lifting up these posts.

Country Girl said...

Thanks for all you do, Hilary.

Hilary said...

Thank you, everyone. It's so nice of you to stop by, support the POTW bloggers and leave me such lovely comments. You folks are great!

Anonymous said...

Another load of wonderful reading. Thanks!

Love the snow in your photo!

Unknown said...

Hilary: That fence reminded me of school days as a kid in Mid-West Winters! So many great blogs here to visit and enjoy too!!

Kerri Farley said...

LOVE the snowy fence!!!

Liz Mays said...

I love the delicate snowflakes against the hard metal fence. Beautiful!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

I love the natural 'basketweave' look to the otherwise industrial chain link.

Thanks so much for your 'strengthening' comment on my 2-22 post...means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

Snow can make anything elegant, can't it?
I hope I get time to read all the POTW - I've been scrambling lately. I did read Shrinky's - wonderful! Congrats to everyone!

tattytiara said...

Oh yes, wasn't shrinky's post a hoot? I have a favorite dead tree too, and every time I pass it I feel that tug of anxiety it might not be there anymore. Yours is beautiful!

Dan said...

Each V supporting the other, yet individually, they reveal an elegant depth of field, with a stage of crystals on display.


Explore. Dream. Discover.


beth said...

i think your fence looks like tiny hearts waiting to be loved before they melt.....

Redbush said...

Love the shots once again! Your perspective of the cardinal in the shrub is wonderful. The sunrise shots are gorgeous, and the shot of the cat on the snow is so cute!