Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wooden Chew Know It?

The perspective photo in the previous post was indeed that of a container of tooth picks. Thanks to all for playing along.

Crabby's guess of an excessive coffee-drinker's toothbrush was not only amusing, but along the right line.

Reb got it first. Way to go Reb, and you're right, it might make a good jigsaw puzzle.

Bag Lady had it in the bag too. Twice in fact! ;)

Photowannabe had an interesting perspective, which I assume comes from burying her nose deep into the macro setting of her own camera. It's not a door mat, but I'm glad you felt welcome to play along. If you click on her link in the comments of the last post, you'll see some wonderful photography on her blog.

Gawilli, you can stop thinking about it because your guess was correct. Thanks for joining in.

Maggie had it right on too. Thanks for stopping by!

DJ Samba may not have had it right, but he gets honourable mention for the most creative answer.

So again, this one was just too easy. I'll work on it for next time.

Till then, thank you to all who joined in.


Anonymous said...

Well crap.

It doesn't bother me that I couldn't tell what it was--what bothers me is that so many other people got it right!

I hate being the "slow one," but when it comes to these photo things, I just have no clue!

Hilary said...


Ha! You're anything but the "slow one."

It is interesting though how these things stand right out to some, but not to others. I have to wonder if I'd recognize it had I not already known what it was.

the Bag Lady said...

Sheesh, Crabby - you are definitely not slow! The only reason the Bag Lady got it was 'cause she has to keep toothpicks around for the cowboy! (and for testing cakes, and holding cakes together when she does her fancy theme birthday cakes, etc.) Oh, and there was that time she passed out with her face on the kitchen table and woke up with the toothpick container stuck in her eye...(kidding, really!)
Hilary, that was fun - do it again, 'kay? But not when the Bag Lady has to be away from home and Reb can sneak in there before her!!

Hilary said...

Bag Lady,

I probably will do something similar again, and maybe next time you can cartwheel ahead of your sister and get your answer in first. Just watch out for stray toothpicks upon landing.

Frank Baron said...

I got it!

It's a toothpick dispenser!!

Hilary said...

What Frank? Couldn't hear you with all those toothpicks in your mouth.

Reb said...

He He, chuckle, chuckle I was first! That's only for my Sister folks!

Hilary, I love these kind of challenges - keep 'em coming!

photowannabe said...

How nice of you to mention me on your post. I knew my answer wasn't right but I just couldn't figure out what it was. Good contest. I enjoy looking at your blog.

Hilary said...

Thanks Reb,

I will. Sibling rivalry (snicker)! You and Bag Lady remind me of.. well.. of my sister and me! (hi Andi!)


Thanks for your kind words and for playing along.