Monday, November 19, 2007

Step Into the Booth

Thanks to all for sending in such great captions for this image. They are all posted below.

Please take the time to vote for your favourite one. I'll continue to keep the comments in moderation mode.

When all votes are in, I'll count them and announce the winner(s).

Feel free to vote even if you didn't send in a caption, but please only one vote, and not for your own caption.

Voting deadline is Tuesday at midnight, EST.


Beach blanket bingo, without the beach blanket.

Now Margie, I don't know how we got here either, and I have NO idea how this woman came to be floating here either. I gotta think it has something to do with aliens, since I am wearing a tux on a beach somewhere... But to heck with the much. Quick! Take a picture of me like... this... and we can say I levitating her! Hee hee hee... they will NEVER get over this one down at the diner.

Don't piss me off, bitch, or you really WILL be sleeping with the fishes!

Women are so gullible, they easily fall for men young or old, Men have this kind of magic, that's why there is love and pain...

Pray I don't die before I let you down.

Shit, I can't remember what I'm supposed to do next -- just keep smiling, I guess...

Viagra works great! hands!!

HeHeHe, look where my hands are gonna be! HeHeHe.

Yes, dear, we'll do something about that backache, too., wait...Kalama...uh" The Senile Illusionist...

What do you mean the tide's coming in?


Oh For God's Sake, Get on with it, already, you old fart! I'm getting a crick in my neck.

Sick and tired of your old personality? Get another!!! No room for storage? Now comes in Anti- Gravity variety! Brought to you by the Perpendicular Society of Pianists.

You know, there ARE easier ways to get the attention of those canasta-playing widows over by the pier.

This is what happens when Baywatch lifeguards become old and senile.

The magic of her hands explains his smile.

Oh, I wish this old geezer would just hurry up, my neck is getting sore!

Abracadabra--Just Love That Viagra!

Dammit, every time I levitate some old guy gets in the way!

Now what?

Do I look Photoshopped to you?

Look! No hands!

Please vote for the one caption that you like best (other than your own) by pasting it into "share your thoughts"(comments).

Thanks for playing!

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