Monday, September 10, 2007

Double High-5!

Way to go first to Frank and then to Crabby for figuring out the correct answer to the lyrics quiz!

Frank (whom along with Al, I thought would have had this in the bag ages ago) did respond first but I was lazy and wasn't ready with a post to congratulate him.

In the meantime, Crabby came along and shelled out the right solution as well. You can see their comments in the two previous posts.

The snippets were all from musical pieces whose titles never appeared anywhere within the lyrics of the song, which is fairly unusual outside of instrumentals.

Double High-5, you two!

And because I can hear the whining now, yes Frank, you were first.


Crabby McSlacker said...

It was a very clever puzzle! I hate to give him a big head but it was Frank who noticed the relationship between the lyrics and the song titles. I just stole his idea. So he definitely gets credit not only for being first, but for actually solving it.

I will now go away so I can stop obsessing over the "magic" picture in the post below and trying to make it work. (I can get a little 3 dimensionality but can't form an image, dang it!) Perhaps I need to be in a shopping mall for it to work.

Hilary said...


Before you rush out to the mall, maybe the larger image will work for you. I figured it shouldn't have made a difference for downsizing it, but since I can't see them to begin with, what do I know?

Thanks for playing. There'll probably be more puzzles down the road.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Crabby and Frank....I tried, but I guess just too many purple micro-things and mushrooms in my younger

More music puzzles would be great.
Things like, how many drummers have played with Genesis?
(Since they just played at the BMO Arena)


Hilary said...

Hi Al,

Too many shrooms explains much. ;)

I'll probably do some more puzzles of some sort or another down the road. Music is always a fun topic.

As for Genesis drummers... I have no idea but hopefully somone else reading the comments will take a stab at it.