Thursday, August 16, 2007

Way to Go, Al!

Congrats to my neighbour Al who was the first person to correctly identify the image which appears in the previous post "Perspective is Everything" There are some observant people out there because an overwhelming 50% of those who commented knew that it was the above view of the nozzle of a mustard squeeze bottle.

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I suppose it's only fair to say though, that an underwhelming total of 6 people took a stab at it.

You can see the incoming comments in the "Perspectives" link in the previous post.

Al, you can let me know which photo you'd like. And thanks for saving me the postage!

Thanks also to Kath, Frank, Gary, Sanj and Crabby for playing.


Frank Baron said...

So, if I'm reading this correctly and I dearly hope I am not, Al is the sole winner? There is no 2nd prize? Are you certain of the timing here?

Have you explored all the possible ways that Al might have cheated? Was he, oh, I don't know - AT YOUR HOUSE WHEN YOU TOOK THE PICTURE??!!!

Luckily, I am a good sport. I'll get over this. Probably.

Just not any time soon....

Hilary said...

Frank WHO?

Stace said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! It's so nice to read Frank's blog, and now yours, it's like a link back to the old trivia days :) I don't seem to have time anymore for trivia, it's probably something to do with being an old married woman now! :(

Stace / five_PM / chup_re :)

Hilary said...

Hey Fivey,

I'm glad you took the time to stop by for a visit. You and Aiden are probably due for an anniversary pretty soonish, eh?