Monday, August 13, 2007

Perspective is Everything

"No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye." Elizabeth Bowen, The House in Paris

Through the 1970's and 80's, I consistently purchased a puzzle publication called Games Magazine. Though it has disappeared from newsstands at least once since its original launch, it was eventually bought out and republished under its new ownership, and still appears at larger book stores and magazine vendors. I never did renew my own subscription (nor my trust in them), which had been paid in advance for a two-year period, just days before it went bankrupt that first time.

A regular feature in each issue is devoted to what they call "Eyeball Benders." Close-up photographs of everyday objects appear quite confounding when you can not see surrounding details for clues. I became pretty good at deciphering these visual puzzles, and evidently I became half-decent at creating them when Games Magazine ran a contest a few years back, asking readers to send in their own Eyeball Bender photographs. One of my entries, which was ultimately selected as a puzzle on their online sampler page, was also chosen as a runner-up picture in the contest, and appeared in their December 2004 issue. It also earned me a Games t-shirt, though I sure would have preferred to have won the first prize of $500.

Since perspective is everything, I thought I'd make use of the macro setting on my camera, and retry my hand (and eye) at capturing some of these Eyeball Bender-style images and put them out here for you to guess. The first one appears below.

For this purpose, I will turn on the moderation feature so that your comments/guesses will not show publicly until all of the answers are in. I'm not offering t-shirts or cash prizes, but I'd be willing to print and mail the winner's choice of a photograph (non-human subjects only) from any installment of this blog to the first person who answers correctly. I'll post all comments (click on "perspectives" to send yours) after a few days. The more the merrier, so please pass the word through the "blogosphere."

What do you think this everyday object is?

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Kath said...

Hey Hilary,

Nice pic! My guess is some kind of switch or dial since it has that arrow on it :) Wut do I win???

Kath ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hillary, I think it looks like the top to a plastic mustard bottle


Frank Baron said...

Aha! I have it!

But I'm not telling.

Hilary said...


I think maybe you're a tad confused about how this works, oh psychic one... try again. ;)

Frank Baron said...


It's a mustard dispenser - the squeezable type.

I rule!!!

Gimme the money!! I want money!! No pictures! Money!!!!


Anonymous said...

Door Knob?? Not really sure but still like this game.

Anonymous said...

hiya cutie qupie

me tinks mebbeso tis the top of a mustard bottle ..

and mebbeso not!!

hugzzzzzz :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great idea for a guessing game--too bad I'm so clueless at these things.

A button?

A doorbell?

A casserole dish?

Frank's navel? Or perhaps he is an innie rather than an outie.

Alas, none of these guesses seems quite right. I shall have to check back to see what it is!

Clever you.

Hilary said...

Good going Al, Frank and Gary. You all cut the mustard! Thanks for playing.

Close, Kath but not quite close enough. I'm glad you dropped in to give it a shot and hope you'll visit more often.

Sanj, I'm glad you found this spot. Stick around, I might have more games sometime soon.

Crabby, that's amazing! There is an uncanny resemblance to Frank's navel. But not to my poor casserole dish