Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Soft White Damn

The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches.
~ E.E. Cummings

There is no snow on the ground as I write this. In fact, it's been teetering between rain and freezing rain all morning. The following images were taken after February's big snowfall. Hopefully it was the last big one.

Peterborough after the snow
Stepping outside of my apartment, I can see that the parking lot and walkway have been shoveled. Not all of the roads and sidewalks were as clear though. Let's head out to the lake.

Peterborough after the snow2
If those slingshot chairs, aptly named The Launch Pad were real, they might just be powerful enough to send you out into the open water.

frozen little lake
A fresh snowfall makes it difficult to discern where the land ends and the lake begins. The tree does grow rather close to the water.

Peterborough after the snow3
This walkway leads onto a large T-shaped dock. It's mostly covered in snow but you can still make out the outline.

Peterborough after the snow4
You can see it a lot better from this angle. Just a few months ago, these guys were having the time of their lives fetching tennis balls thrown from the pier, into the water.

Peterborough after the snow6
This was as far as I could get around the lake. The snow was too deep to traverse beyond this point.

firefighter in snow2
In a different direction, this guy was accepting his fate of trudging through the snow.

firefighter in snow3
He had several metres of frozen hose behind him, too.

reflection in snowy red
Heading back toward home, this bright red truck amid all of the snowy white caught my eye.

snow covered little library
The Little Library was wearing its snowcap. Nobody had visited since the recent storm.

memorial centre after snow
This is the parking lot at the Peterborough Memorial Centre. It took a long time for those piles to melt. I do believe they're completely gone by now - more than a month after the snowfall.

snow melts away2
A few days later, warming temperatures made for a quick melt. Bright, late afternoon sunshine made for saturated hues. And puddles offered some colourful reflections.

golden blvd
Walking into the lowering sun made for golden light.

golden blvd2
The road that leads to home - where Netflix awaits.


Andy said...

One thing is for sure... Peterborough got much more snow than southern balmy Pickering.

Rita said...

Spring--a work in progress--LOL! ;)

Birdie said...

We had so much snow here and I'm so glad it's gone. Pretty to look at, Ugly to shovel.

Marie Smith said...

To me, the stature represents Canada, going about life all year long, regardless of the weather. Beautiful photos. We have not reached the melting stage yet from the blizzard last week.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful shots. The sculpture of the fire fighter intrigues me.

We still have snow on the ground, having had gotten a fresh pile in recent days.

Cloudia said...

Snow should hire you as press age t!

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Beautiful images, Hilary. The golden-light photo, with the pedestrian on the sidewalk, is wonderful. Cloudia's comment reminded me of the online chat you once had with a friend whose keyboard skipped certain letters. :)

stephen Hayes said...

You really got clobbered by the snow, although it does make for great photographs.

Tabor said...

Winter is leaving...soon! Goodbye. I say that as I have bravely moved my citrus trees to the deck and am hoping temps stay above 45F. I love the fireman with the snow on his head. He looks almost real!

Jenn Jilks said...

Did you get the freezing rain?
We only had a bit of rain. No freezing involved.

That photo of the firefighter statue is AMAZING!!!!

Linda said...

Everything looks so fresh and white after a storm. Love that little free library, we saw some when visiting BC and would love to find some around here. We got ice rain followed by rain this morning. Spring weather is coming ... isn't it?

Red said...

You did have a very heavy snowfall. New snow that covers everything gives you a good opportunity for a photo challenge. Melting spoils all the beauty of the new snow.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Snow creates such lovely scenes. I like the lake shots,especially.

sage said...

Thanks for sharing some snow scenes. I love the fireman statue in the snow!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Goodness- that's a lot of snow. Ii hope it is melting fast.

messymimi said...

Snow changes a landscape so much, it always surprises this south Louisiana resident. If i moved to where there was a lot of it, it would take a long time to get used to it.

Out on the prairie said...

I am in a cross country ski club and we wait for 4 inches or more to group at a park with groomed trails. We never got together all winter, I went once

DJan said...

Wonderful pictures, as always. Love the fireman the most, but they are all fabulous. I'm glad the snow is leaving us for another year. Spring is here! :-)

Cloudia said...

What a sweet town in nature, H

Linda said...

Thank you for taking us on your snowy walk. I love a pristine snowscape.

Daryl said...

lovely snow .. great light in the melt photos ..

Unknown said...

Ah, the lovely fluffy white stuff that I only experience from a distance. I get to enjoy your beautiful images--you do all the shivering for me.

Loved the fireman especially!

Mage said...

What is the memorial Center for? Lovely stuff...thank you. I so hope you are doing better.

ellen abbott said...

just the way I like to see pictures.

Wendy said...

Well we got dumped on today - April 1st of all days! Nice to know that your snow is all gone. Spring certainly is coming - just very slowly. LOL.

I love the pics of sun reflecting in the puddles and I think your frozen fireman was a real hit with everyone! He does look authentic somehow. I mean alive!

Hope you are well and anticipating spring flowers soon.

Maggie May said...

We hardly ever get snow!
Looks good on postcards and photos, I always say!
We have a little library like that one you took a picture of, near us. Great idea.
Maggie x

Lady Fi said...

Lovely snow shots! Spring has to work hard!

Wendy said...

Came back here to check and realized your spelling of damn. Oh, a swear word!! Tsk Tsk.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Hi Hilary! Wow these pictures make me realize what a change it has been from living in the Northeast, to the south! I love the little library. I would love to have one of those in our neighborhood. :)

Sharon Wagner said...

The burden on that statue is even heavier with all that snow. I bet spring has sprung by now!

Phyllis E said...

That poor bronze firefighter with his snow-laden hose. Wonderful images, as always, Cuz. Can't say I miss the snow, though.

Linda said...

Love the fireman statue in the snow! And the final picture is delightful with that golden light!

Barbara said...

BRRRR! But beautiful! When it snows here (which it rarely does, as you know!), I can't wait to get outside with my camera and enjoy the peace and quiet of it. And that's only with a few inches at best. These are beautiful shots, especially the golden sunshine in the last ones.