Wednesday, May 8, 2013

About Little Things & Posts of the Week

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind. ~ Leo Buscaglia

It was the very beginning of April when I was last at Frank's place. My house has been getting something of a facelift in order to ready it for selling once Frank and I find our place. Right now, the area where we've been looking is recovering from some serious flooding so there hasn't been too much on the market the past few weeks. Hopefully that will change shortly. In the meantime, here are some photos taken in late March, when I was last at Frank's place.

Several weeks before the leaves emerged, the snow had long melted but this snow-like waxy substance propped in the tree branch caught my eye. I have no idea what it was.

pavement profile
Here's another one of those perceived faces in a wet patch of sidewalk. Can you see the feminine profile, complete with eye brow and lashes looking to the left? You might need to back up a bit and squint. How about Alfred Hitchcock with his head tilted upward, looking to the right? His collar would be the lady's mouth. Or do you just see me in a straight jacket?

A pair of peanuts waiting for one of my squirrel buddies to claim them.

into the shadows
Another pair of peanuts - cute as can be.

three cuties
This trio of adorable pooches walked so nicely together.

mini dry bud
A tiny flower head from last year - still beautiful to me.

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Pierre BOYER said...

Nice post...
Best regards from Paris !


Bob Bushell said...

As usual, beautiful photos.

Cloudia said...

You always produce such wonderful posts. Good luck finding the perfect house, you 2

Brian Miller said...

ah the two other peanuts are rather cute holding hands...ha...and i like that you hide peanuts for the furry ones...congrats to all the potw

Gail Dixon said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you. I was seriously shocked to see my blog listed. Made my day! I recognize some of my friends here, too. Yay!

The pair of peanuts are so dang cute! All are wonderful images. Hope you and Frank find your special place soon. Hugs!

DJan said...

I finally saw the lady's face once you told me where to look. Both sides are perfect, and thanks for the POTW!

Tabor said...

I have to go exercise, but promise I will return to read the POTW! Your faces were excellent and we should people in straight jackets who do NOT see the faces.

Sharon Wagner said...

Thanks for the shout out! That's what I get for checking out your wonderful blog more often. And I do see the face. Good eye.

TexWisGirl said...

thank you, hilary! :)

loved the flower head from past season. just beautiful! and i saw alfred right away as i scrolled down the page - took a minute to see the woman, but i did. :)

ellen abbott said...

I always enjoy your pics Hilary. I have to wonder though if looking for a place in an area that has recently flooded in a good idea?

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Alfred Hitchcock I see. You in a straight jacket I see. The lovely lady with long eyelashes escapes me. :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Hilary, I am truly honored.

I cannot see you in a straight jacket; however I could see the lovely lady and I laughed aloud at the profile of Alfred Hitchcock. I wish I could view life through your eyes!

Daryl said...

so wouldnt flooding in an area be a bit off putting when it comes to picking a place to look for a house? just wondering.

awesome photos ...

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, thank you Hilary!!
I'm really honoured.

Love the 2 little peanuts holding hands, aren't little kids so cute when they do that?

Hope you get a fab new place soon, I'm sure the perfect house is just waiting for you and Frank.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh I do see that face!!

Thanks for including my Otters :)

stephen Hayes said...

Great pictures as always. But I just want to say, are you sure you want to move to an area prone to flooding?

Anonymous said...

I can totally see the, would have I seen her as I was walking? Probably not!

Dianne said...

I love the peanuts and the pooches :)

Kerry said...

I see those faces! Used to ask my middle schoolers to concoct drawings like this:)

Good luck with the house improvements/ house hunting. After you fix up your house you may not want to sell it!

maddie said...

Ooh, many thanks for Blog of the Week post. Such great material here in Corfu.

Anvilcloud said...

IIn the second photo, I see a masculine head at the top left looking right.

Fragrant Liar said...

Thanks, Hilary! I so appreciate the nod.

As for your pics this week, I always fall in love with the peanuts holding hands. They just get me right in the heart.

Hope the house hunting works out, and you're not in a flood plain.

Kimber, aka, Fragrant Liar

photowannabe said...

Love, love, love the "2 peanuts".
My Mom used to call my boys her peanuts. One of those little peanuts is now 6ft.5 inches!

Gayle said...

As ALWAYS, perfection! Hahaha, funny.....I saw Alfred Hitchcock before I read what you wrote. Next I saw the Big Mouth, Squinty eyed little face in the center (the lady's eye). I will join you in the looney bin, we can be room mates. Happy House Hunting to you and Frank and a smooch to the Bennster.

LOOOOOVE your many talents!

Maggie May said...

Love the human peanuts........ and the doggy trio!
How exciting to be looking for a new place......... but where it floods???????????????
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Dan said...

As for the wax, did you solve the riddle?

I really like the hunk of wood and the two tikes.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

dignified little dogs!

Birdie said...

The kids holding hands. So precious.

Barbara said...

I see the face! And I love that little tough guy with his hat on backwards. So cute! Congrats to the POTW and good luck finding a new place!

Rob-bear said...

You've got a great macro, and a great eye for using it. Your pictures today are a delight, as always.

Happy house hunting!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Anonymous said...

OH, I do see the two faces - brilliant!

And thank you so much for POTW!

:.tossan® said...

Spectacle for the eyes,
special photos!
Wonderful work.
I like the mix of photography. hug

My Cactus Dress said...

Hilary, You an immensely talented photographer. You have such an unique judgment of the angels.
Plus, those pooches are so cute. My poodle is identical to them. :)

Bossy Betty said...

Gorgeous pictures and thanks so much for the POTW!!! Yahoooo! I am swamped with work right now. Looking forward to summer and blogging again!

Mental P Mama said...

Love those children!!! You have such a knack for them!

CiCi said...

The pair of peanuts is a sweet picture.

A Cuban In London said...

Brilliant photos as usual. I also like little things! :-)

Greetings from London.

Mage said...

Better than delightful. Thanks.

Barb said...

Oh, that seed head! Your photos remind me that it's spring.

Sara said...

I came here from "From Roses to Rainbows" and am thrilled I did. I loved the face picture and it was very clear to me. I'm always seeing faces in everything. My favorite sightings tend to be in trees, don't ask me why. I can look at a tree and find a face in it or an action, like two trees hugging each other or having a conversation. Wacky, but fun:~)

Your photographs are all stunning!

Tammie Lee said...


such a lovely collection of spring images, yea spring!

wonderful collection of posts by blog friends too. thank you for including me in the mix!!

SandyCarlson said...

A total treat! These images are great. Thanks, Hilary.

Unknown said...

Hi Hilary: The Peanuts remind us all of life's Joy! Thanks for sharing these great bloggers too!!! :)

Suldog said...

I see the faces, but I wouldn't have seen the "Hitchcock" without your directions. That's your special gift, you know, and why you're such a superb photographer. You see things that are there, but which most of the rest of us miss for one reason or another. Thanks for being that. It always makes my day a little happier seeing the things I might otherwise have missed.