Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

Below are a few more photos from our time up at the cottage earlier this month. As you can tell, not every day was rainy or overcast. The sun did put in an appearance every now and then.

canoes sulight
I Can - Canoe?: Late day sunshine never fails to make everything more beautiful, with its rich, saturated colours and golden hues. These two canoes kind of hide in the shadows of the surrounding glow.

tree island
If A Tree Falls: If a tree falls into the lake during a storm, and there's nobody around to see or hear it, does it still make a splash? This birch landed a safe enough distance from the dock, changing the landscape to the right of the cottage.

common megansers2
Quacking Up: The new tree attracts groups of Common Mersangers as a place of rest during their journey along the shoreline.

canadian towel
You Keep Me Hanging On: An absorbing likeness of the Canadian flag hangs from the clothesline in that lovely sunlight.

curious chipper
Feeling Chipper: Nearby, a curious chipmunk watches Benny relate to Roxy. You'll have to stay tuned to see that photo and to find out who Roxy is.

wheelbarrow sun
Take A Load Off: More golden light streaks across a wheelbarrow parked up against a tree.

dinner bell
Dinnertime!: I don't think I've ever heard it used to call anyone in for dinner but Frank tells me that there were many a time he knew to come in from fishing because he could hear this bell wherever he was on the lake.

The next few posts will be scheduled as we're heading back up to the cottage for a little while. Please wish us plenty of this sunshine! (OK, wish me the sunshine. Frank prefers overcast days for fishing).

In a few days, I'll introduce you to Roxy.


TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous shots, hilary. especially those golden glow ones. happy sun to you!!!

Cloudia said...

*Clap Clap*

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Indrani said...

The little squirrel reminds me of my Rorrel. :)
Have a great trip.

Unknown said...

Hilary: This summer in Phoenix has been like a pizza oven with 115 degree temps. so, I doubt you'd want our sunshine--just the normal variety. I love all the objects in these photos which speak of so much life!

ADRIAN said...

Yet another wonderful set of pictures,

25BAR said...

I always enjoy the evening light.

Bob Bushell said...

I'll wait the outcome of the chipmonk. All are superb.

Dave said...

That bell is interesting Hilary. It would be interesting to know its background - Dave

Birdie said...

When I was little my dad took us for wheelbarrow rides. He would go so fast that I was sure we would fly right out. We never did though.

Thanks for the wheelbarrow shot. It brought a happy memory to me.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Wonderful images.
Love the afternoon glow.
Really super!

Shrinky said...

I love the soft, warm light everything is bathed in, but I particularly like the wheelbarrow shot, it belongs in a gardiner's calendar! And you are SUCH a tease, who is Roxy?? Curious minds need to know..

Maggie May said...

I love all the photos but the flag flying amongst the *smalls* had me smiling. I also thought the colour of wheelbarrow was strikingly blended into the background.Of course the creatures are always a hit too.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Brian Miller said...

smiles. shrinky and i had the same impression...the golden glow is what really made a few of these for me...nice...

Steve Gravano said...

Nice collection again. I have the same memories as Birdie, my dad also gave us kids rides in the wheelbarrow. At Lake George, we were able to watch the weather change from one side of the lake to the other. I hope that it stays sunny on your side and Frank gets his overcast days on the lake.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Roxy RACCOON? :)

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

You're a master at capturing the magic of the late afternoon sunlight. Love the mergansers and the chipmunk, too.

Dianne said...

I'm very exited about meeting Roxy and hearing about him/her and Benny

speaking of my boy Ben, the crate photos are priceless

I love the way you cpature golden light Hil :)

She Who Carries Camera said...

late afternoon golden!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

All beautiful, but I just love the wildlife you capture...chipmunks and ducks. They make my day. :)

Country Girl said...

Beautifully composed photographs here, my friend. Enjoy your time away. I'm wishing for good weather for you.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

The golden light has arrived here as well. I just love the canoe and wheelbarrow photos. Lovely all. Oma Linda

ellen abbott said...

That light is amazing.

We don't have chipmunks down here. They are so cute but I understand most people consider them pests.

Reb said...

Hilary, just lovely as always.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Gorgeous shots.That warm light makes everything look good.

messymimi said...

How about cloudy mornings for early fishing and beautiful sunny afternoons with pretty sunsets?

Whatever happens, thanks for the cheerful shots and have a great time.

Daryl said...

Lovely .. all the more so because I know it was not easy getting around to get them ..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, rich shots as ever (I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself but it's true)

Ed Pilolla said...

that is magic light, and it makes everything beautiful. when i was a newspaper reporter, i worked with photogs and when the light goldened, they would scurry off and just hunt for anything to shoot becuz it the world looked beautiful bathed in the light.
lovely shots. the rust of the wheelbarrow looks like a treasure:)

Rosaria Williams said...

Ah, the lighting is stunningly beautiful in all these pictures. Hope you get sunny days, and your hubby gets cool mornings for his fishing.

Gail Dixon said...

Looks like a glorious area. Hope you have a terrific time! Wishing you lots of happy sun and memories to take back home.

Anonymous said...

Such a witty post!

Love the golden syrupy light in these pics.

Have a wonderful time back at the cottage. I'm sending you some sunshine.

Dan said...

Ahhh... your loss is the Mersangers gain.

With that same thought, your blog is my gain. :)

Thank you Hilary! xo

Zuzana said...

Dear Hilary, enjoy your wonderful last days at the cottage, I recall that first time I ever commented here was a few years back around the time you were spending the last weekends there, but I think it was a bit later in the year. You then also posted a canoe picture.
Love the colours in your photographs and the certain difference in sunlight, that comes across so well through them.

Tabor said...

Lovely. Those mergansers NEVER let me get even half that close down here.

Betty Manousos said...

love those golden glow shots!

great perspective in all of them.

you're so creative, hilary. x

Mental P Mama said...

Just beautiful. I don't think I can stand the suspense!!

Anyes said...

The Fall colours on a late Summer afternoon...Thank you Hilary

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. Very nice variety.

Hilary said...

* Thanks, Tex. Much appreciated. :)

* Thank you, Cloudia. :)

* Thanks, Indrani. Wait until you see Roxy. :)

* Michael, that is pretty hot. Maybe a few degrees cooler would be better. Thanks so much for the kind words. :)

* Thanks, Andrian. :)

* Thank you, 25BAR. :)

* Bob, thanks. You'll enjoy Roxy. :)

* Dave it would be interesting to know. Frank, who is the oldest of his siblings doesn't know anything of interest about it. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Birdie, I'm glad that my photo could conjure up a happy memory for you. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thanks very kindly, Laura. Much appreciated. :)

* Thanks so much, Shrinky. It pleases me to know that you enjoy my photos. You'll love Roxy.. and you'll meet her on Thursday. :)

* Thanks, Maggie. I'm glad you got a kick out of the flag placement. Your comment made me smile. Thanks always for the visit. :)

* Thanks very much, Brian. I'm glad you like them. :)

* Steve, thanks so much for sharing your fond memory and for offering your good wishes. They're very much appreciated. :)

* Gary, no. She's not a raccoon. But I'm sure you'll love her. :)

* Thanks, Linda. It's my absolutely favourite time of day. In fact, I think it captures me! ;)

* Dianne, thank you so much, my friend. I know you're going to love seeing Roxy. She didn't interact too much with Benny but you'll no doubt get a kick out of her. Thanks always for your kind words. :)

* Jill, best time of day. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thank you, Elizabeth. And you always make my day with your kind words. :)

Hilary said...

* Kate, thanks so much. I'm sure we'll enjoy no matter the weather. :)

* Thank you kindly for such a nice comment, Oma Linda. Very much appreciated. :)

* Thank you, Ellen. You're missing out on a really fun little creature. But yes.. any animal that makes its home in ours, without invitation is quite the pest. But darn, they're cute little pests. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thanks, Reb. :)

* Ruth, thank you. And you're so right. I can't take credit for what nature has handed me. :)

* Thanks, MessyMimi. You're assuming though that Frank gets up and out in the morning. ;) I'll be happy with your schedule. Thanks. :)

* Thanks, Daryl. It's amazing what a good lens can do. :)

* Thanks, Robin. When you repeat yourself with such kind words, I can live with that. Much appreciated. :)

* Thank you so much, Ed. Such kind words from such a fine photographer as yourself. I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

* Thanks very kindly, Rosaria. Much appreciated. :)

* Thanks kindly, Gail. I hope so too. :)

* Thanks so much, Fiona. I'm gratefully accepting that sunshine.. and your kind words. :)

* Daniel, such a sweet thing to say. Thanks very much, my friend. :)

* Thanks, Zuzana. That's so cool that you remember the first post you read of mine. And that it had canoes too. Thanks always for your kind comments. They mean a lot to me. :)

* Tabor, it was a pretty long lens. ;)

* Thank you so kindly, Betty. Much appreciated. :)

* Thanks, MPM. It just until Thursday. You'll meet Roxy then. :)

* Thanks for stopping by, Anyes. :)

* Thanks kindly, Rajesh. :)

Suldog said...

OK, you've got me curious about Benny and Roxy. Beyond that, the second shot is like being in the water myself.

Cricket said...

Well... I'm sure you know Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, by Queen?

I'm smiling, as I come from a family of bell-ringers. I posted about our Thanksgiving dinner bell. My Nana would call me with a bell. It spared her voice and her legs the effort. I call the boys to the table with a bell myself.

In fact, the few times I've called them the regular way, nobody, including my wife, came to the table. No bell = cold dinner.

Enjoy the cottage. Today was the first, all-too-brief, day of K for the little one. I shall return :-)

Cricket said...

p.s. The Joy of Cooking, in itsw section on duck, says that mergansers should be "pressed into service only in an emergency."

Even as a (roast) duck lover, I find it hard to imagine such a circumstance. Kind of stretching the def'n, I think.

Kalyan said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Anvilcloud said...

Ironically, I don't think we've had more than three sunny hours since I bought my new camera almost a month ago.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the golden light! Another stunning set of photos. Don't you ever take crappy ones just for variety? :)

yaya said...

Love the golden colors! I know fall is just around the bend, but I hope you can have a few sunny, nice days. I want to see the pics from those days!

Wendy said...

The golden photos are precious! I love those rich colours.

Question: Does the tree make a splash? Well, I think you'd have to ask the fish. LOL!

Have fun at the cottage.

SandyCarlson said...

These are so very beautiful. I love what you do with light! Awed silence from Connecticut....

Kat said...

I love that first photo. It reminds me of my dad. He would always ooh and aah over afternoon sunlight (on a barn, a brick house, through the trees, etc.). It was his favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

What glorious golden light!!

Barb said...

Sweet golden light - makes everything looks more dramatic.

Reena said...

I always love your afternoon photos..just gorgeous as always Hilary!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous. Love them all.The warm colors are so appealing to me.
Happy Autumn

larkswing said...

ahhhh, your cottage trip looks so peaceful and relaxing!