Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As Time Permits

I'm not getting around to as many blogs as usual these days, and can't see that changing in the near future, but I hope to catch up with everyone as time permits.

It's a busy time for most of us, and I might be re-posting (not be be confused with re-gifting) a blog post or two over the next couple of weeks, so if the content is familiar to some of you, please bear with me. Very few of you have been reading from the start of my humble blog so hopefully, you won't find it too boring. And I might possibly still find the time, and some new fodder, in which case - never mind!

Until then, here are a few photos from a recent walk in the park.

Before heading out, the late afternoon sun was shining on my back yard fence, warming it despite the shadow of a nearby tree. The angles of the wood pieces created some interesting shadows of their own. (please click to enlarge)

A couple of hopeful ducks waddled out of the lake in hopes of some morsels of bread which would not be forthcoming. (please click to enlarge)

Later in the evening, as clouds rolled in, the setting sun painted the western sky with some lovely colours.
(please click to enlarge)

A walk down the snowy path is always a treat after dark especially when the moon helps to light the way. (please click to enlarge)

The moon was full that night, but my hand was not steady. Still, I like the effect of the orb through the shaky branches. (please click to enlarge)

Steadying the camera on the railing surrounding the dock, I was able to capture a semi-clear shot of the fence's shadow on the icy lake below. The wispy branches are from an old willow tree behind and above me. (please click to enlarge)


Michelle H. said...

Take the time to relax and share in the festivities of the holiday season.

I tried to catch a photo of the full moon rising (it looked so beautiful as it rose up among some cloud cover.) But the shot didn't turn out well. It was probably not the right type of camera. Such beautiful night photos - there is something about those that really touch me.

Country Girl said...

Hi, Hilary. I haven't been out much lately either! Well, not in blogland.

Your photos of the evening are mystical. I love them.

Hope you're having a good time and that all is well.

Kat said...

Those winter evening pictures are just gorgeous. I can almost smell the air. :)

Indrani said...

Keep taking walks, Hilary. :)
I love the photos that come after those walks. Happy holidays, Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New year! I too am planning for a break.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely moonlight walk. I really like that moon shot. We'll just say that the shakiness was intended and it turned out perfectly. (because it did)

Frank Baron said...

That 3rd shot turned out great! It's a real keeper.

Hope you enjoy the holidays. Because if you don't - chances are I won't either. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's nippy here this morning, and that first photo warmed me up!
Snowy woods on moonlit nights are one of my favorite things, perhaps because those are some of my first memories with my now-dh.
And you could never be boring!!
I've missed you but I'm glad to know you have been taking time to enjoy the holidays.

Zuzana said...

Hilary, your images are never boring; in fact I love all the evening and dusk photos.
I identify completely with the fact of not having time these days with blogging.;)
I hope you will have wonderful Holidays; looking forward to more astounding images next year.;)

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the pics and I am especially taken with the moon pic.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Great shots. Especially the ones at dusk. What kind of camera do you have?

Pat - Arkansas said...

I would be most tempted to walk your snowy, moon-lit path. These are lovely photos.

I look forward to reading whatever you may post/re-post. It's always a great pleasure to visit here.

RiverPoet said...

I especially love the last photo. Very pensive.

No worries about not getting around to our blogs so much. I'm keeping the posts light for just that reason. We're all very busy.

Peace - D

Dianne said...

I'd look at your photos over and over :)

just remember to include a Benny or two

love the fence shadow

take care - don't over stress

Sandi McBride said...

Hoping that your Christmas is filled with joy and patience...and that you have more time to visit us...but I know exactly what you mean!

Suldog said...

Brrrrrr! I can feel the cold in some of those!

Tip for being able to visit blogs while having limited time on-line: Print out those that are lengthy, for later reading. Come back and make a comment later, if you desire.

(Doesn't work as well for visual blogs, such as yours, but very well for verbose ones, like mine.)

lime said...

sometimes when i know a shot will require a steady hand and i don't have my tripod or a decent surface to steady the camera upon i set the timer to 2 seconds before clicking the shutter. it does seem to help. just a thought. though i DO like your moon shot anyway, gives it kind of an interesting mood.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I too have been behind in blog visits.

But I have to at least catch up on your awesome pictures. Love the moon through the shaky branches, so atmospheric!

Travis Erwin said...

I never seem able to capture a steady shot of the moon when I try, but you are right the blurs in that image do lend to the shot.

JC said...

Beautiful pictures. Hey, I might not be around often either since I finished the 100 Days Challenge, I don't have a lot to post about.

Just want you to know that your site is one of my favorites. I always look forward to every post. The one on Dragonflies was the first I saw and I was captured my your creativity.

Shammickite said...

I have to admit to not being a very good blogger recently too... partly cos of Christmas preparations and partly due to personal "stuff". But your photos are always lovely so I make sure I click on your page even though I may not have tiome at the moment to comment.

Sandra said...

I love the snowy, moon-lit path. Beautiful pictures, as always.

Russell said...

I always like your photos with shadows - like the shadows in your first image of the wood posts against the fence.

In the third photograph, I notice the little lights even moreso than the sky. Those little dots of light just jump out at you! I notice the lights in the later photographs, too, and like them a lot.

Take care.

Russell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Russell said...

Sorry about that! Somehow my comments were posted twice! So I deleted the second one

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Hilary, I totally share your blogging sentiment. TOTALLY.

And I adore these stunning photos, so mystical.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, the branches look like hands holding the moon in photo 5. Wonderful as always!

the Bag Lady said...

You are a master. (I was going to say mistress, but that conjures up the wrong image....:))
I love the moon in the orb of the tree branches!

steviewren said...

"A walk down a snowy path" is just gorgeous! I wish I had been there.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I sure do understand! I look forward to reading posts of yours I have missed.

Hilary said...

* Thanks Michelle. I'm glad you liked them. The moon is difficult to capture.. for me anyway. The only time I was able to get half decent shots was during last year's eclipse. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Thanks kindly, Kate. I'm glad you're enjoying the photos. All is just fine. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thanks, Kat. It did smell wonderful out there. Thanks for the kind words. :)

* Right back at you, Indrani. I hope your holidays are wonderful. I'll keep sharing photos as they happen.. almost. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Thanks very much, Susan. I can easily pretend that I meant for it to turn out that way. I did in fact mean to post them in spite/because of that. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thanks, Frank. I'll help ensure that yours are great if you do likewise. ;)

* Thanks, KC. I figure there will be more snowy night shots coming up soonish. We're expecting a significant storm overnight. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Thanks, Protege. I'm glad you're enjoying the photos. I won't stray too far from blogging for too long. Just through the holidays. I hope you're enjoying yours. :)

* Thanks so much, Leah. I'm glad you do. :)

* Thank you, Angie. It's a Canon PowerShot S3. Nothing too fancy but I'm having fun with it. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Thanks kindly, Pat. I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm always grateful when you stop by for a visit. :)

* Thanks for the kind words and for the understanding, RP. :)

* Thanks very much, Dianne. I'll be sure to include Benny. He's hammed it up for the camera a few times today. ;)

* Thanks kindly, Sandi. Hugs right back at you. :)

* Thanks for the pointer, Sully. It sounds like a good plan. In fact I'll have to remember that for long bus/train rides when I don't have a book on the go. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thanks for the idea, Lime. Now if only I can figure out how to set the timer. Time to read the manual, I suppose. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Thanks very much, Crabby. I'm glad you like it. And I'm glad I'm on your list of blogs to see. :)

* Thanks, Travis. The blurs seemed ok to me this time anyway. Other times, not so much. Thanks for the visit. :)

* Thanks very much, JC. And congrats on finishing your challenge. I suspect you'll continue to find plenty to blog about. Thanks very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. :)

* Thanks, Shammie. I hope the "stuff" isn't too overwhelming. I appreciate you always taking the time to come visit. It means a great deal to me. Thanks for stopping by. :)

* Thanks very much for your kind words, Russell. I'm glad you like the photos. The lights and shadows do seem to stand out. Thanks for noticing. :)

* Thanks, Mama Geek. I'm glad you get my blogging sentiments, and that you like the photos. Much appreciated. :)

* Thanks kindly, Cheffie. I'm glad you liked it. I kind of like that one myself. :)

* Thanks, Baggie. I suppose that depends on who's doing the conjuring. Thanks muchly for the kind words. ;)

* Thanks, Stevie. I'm glad you were with me in spirit. Merry Christmas to you as well. :)

Thanks kindly, MT. Much appreciated. :)

Jo said...

Hilary, I think everyone is a wee bit busy at this time of the year, so my blogging has fallen off a bit too.

Gorgeous photos, as ususal!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dave said...

A nice series of photos Hilary. Especially liked the last one of the bridge. - Dave

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

I love the duck picture! I actually thought of you today. I was at the duck pond with my little one and this big ugly goose came running to me. I had a small white piece of paper in my hand that someone had left behind on the ground and I guess this goose thought it was bread because he snatched it out of my hand. I felt his beak and everything on both sides of my finger. First thing I thought of was your post on not feeding the ducks because they become so dependent. I felt sorry for the guy...after my finger stopped stinging.

Cath said...

Your photos show such beauty, no matter the season or weather. I love the one of the tree and the dark blue sky, and the moon held in the branches.

Hope you are well and thanks for sharing these as you always do.

Hilary said...

• Thanks kindly, Jo. I wish the same for you. Have a wonderful Christmas. :)

• Thank you, Dave. Your kind words are much appreciated. :)

• Ack, Aly! They do become aggressive, eh? I'm glad it wasn't your little one that was bitten. It would be a shame to develop a fear of those critters from an incident like that. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks very much, Cath. You always know how to brighten my day. :)

PeacefulWmn9 said...

Your photos are amazing, beautiful.


Hilary said...

Welcome, Karen, and thanks very much for the kind words. :)

AirMaverick said...

I think that looks so much fun wish we could do it down here

Anonymous said...

Your blog provides the first real glimpse of what blogging is and can be about. I just started my blog yesterday, and really don't have too much of an idea of what blogging is about. Thanks for providing somewhat of a tutorial for me, a blogger who is wet behind the ears ;)

Hilary said...

• Thank you AirMaverick. Much appreciated. :)

• Thanks, Sara. I'm sure you'll find your "blogging voice" but in trying to follow your link, I couldn't find your blog. I hope you're back for another visit once you've settled in. :)