Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Tacky Solution

Thank you to everyone who played along with the eyeball bender. A few of you thought it was a fan of some sort. Two of you had the correct answer - a Scotch tape dispenser.

I've published the comments that accompanied the previous post, and you can find my responses to them below.

Cuzzie of and Jo of my place for Whatever both guessed the correct answer. They each have unique perspectives of life.

Cuzzie Phyllis has spent a great deal of time looking at small things. Very, very small things. She's a food safety microbiologist who has recently started up a very informative and helpful blog. Through it, she alerts us to food product recalls. On any given day you can click on her site and find that the canned beans you considered buying for tomorrow's dinner might be a bad idea. Click on "Recalls" at the top of her page to see recent reports of contaminated foods. You can also see some wonderful photos and videos taken by her husband Mike on their recent trip to Southeast Asia by clicking on the second link.

Jo also has wonderful perspective - that of an artist. She's an amazing painter, creative photographer and an eloquent writer.
Plus she plays with Photoshop! Jo delivers her messages with beautiful insight, depth, humour and whimsy. If you've not seen her blog yet, you're missing out on some great entertainment.

The rest of you made fine guesses and comments..

Andrew: I had to squint to read your guess. Spectacular as it was, protective glasses was not the correct answer. :)

Baggie: Your life on the ranch sure is primitive. I had no idea you were unable to acquire adhesive tape there! ;)

Moi: Cool answer, but it's not a ceiling fan.

Reb: I got a charge out of your guess, but it's nothing electrical.

Tink: You have lots of fans but this was not one of them.

Stace: It's a good thing that it's not a drain. At my house it would just get clogged up.

Crabby: On your blog, you're the queen of perspective.. and keeper of the cupcakes!

Fannie Mae: With a name such as yours I wouldn't have expected a different guess.

Thanks for playing!


Phyllis E said...

Thanks for those kind words, Cuzzie!

Hugs from the snow belt.


Frank Baron said...

Dang! I was going to guess the correct answer but you didn't give me enough time!!!

Three, four...five days, tops - I woulda had it. Seriously, it was on the tip of my brain and would have toppled out very, very soon. Probably.


the Bag Lady said...

Wow! The Bag Lady must have been looking at that all wrong...

Reb said...

Well, I guess I have to clean house! I haven't seen my Scotch tape in forever ;) Of course, last time I did see it I don't recall any metallic bits, but maybe that is just an Eastern thing?

Shammickite said...

Darn it, I missed the original post cos I was out for the day on a Scottish Country Dance Workshop.... but I'm quite sure I would have got the answer right if I had seen it in time!!!

Stace said...

Wow, you really have an eye for confounding us! My husband has a habit of taking photos of odd things from unusual angles, you'd think I would be used to it! Thanks for the puzzlement, it's always fun :)

Jo said...

Thank you for the incredibly kind words, Hil! This wasn't a test to see who's crazy, right? If so, I'll say that I just read Frank's mind otherwise I totally would have guessed wrong :)

Hilary said...

• You're welcome, Phyllis. I'm happy to share your fine blog with others. We've had our share of falling white stuff too this past week so I can sure commiserate.

• Frank, I've seen what topples out of your brain, and it scares me.. sometimes. Other times, not so much. ;)

• Baggie, I find myself saying that about a lot of things.

• Reb, I don't see any metallic bits on my tape dispenser either. Just a very polished, shiny bit of plastic.

• Ex-S there's always next time. Besides Scottish dance is far better than Scotch tape. :)

• Thanks so much for playing along, Stace. :)

• Jo if you had read Frank's mind, you'd understand for certain just what crazy is. ;)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

i could not have guessed this one in light years!!!!! :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Ooooh Scotch tape, that's pretty fancy. We buy the cheapest-of-the-cheap, bargain barrel, clearance tape at the Dollar Store.

Crabby McSlacker said...

So I never would have guessed, and am amazed that other people can look at your pretty abstract shapes and recognize actual objects in them.

I will always be hopeless at this but will also always enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

I suspect even if you did a closeup of a cupcake I wouldn't recognize it. Sigh.

Hilary said...

• Moi, you'd have had it any day now... half a light year.. tops!

• EWBW, shhh this was probably the cheapie brand too. How tacky, eh? ;)

• Crabby, you'd have sniffed out a cupcake a mile away.

Tink said...

How was I SO wrong?

Hilary said...

Tink, perhaps fairy dust got in your eyes? :)