Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Aboard

A ticket issued in 1954 for a trip on the Canadian Pacific Railroad. I wonder where the Labelles were traveling, and why.
This ticket was part of the treasure I brought home from my friend's place - a box of older items cleared out from her basement.

train tracksWaiting on the platform, they may have kept their eyes on the track, and an ear out for the sound of the oncoming train.
This was just a photo I once took through a car window. I smudged out the bottom left hand corner to rid the image of the side mirror.

Time to board.
This railroad car now resides in Kingston, Ontario. You can read about its restoration project here. I snapped this shot while visiting my son, when he attended Kingston's RMC.

Madame Labelle might have brought a book along for the ride.
Another item from the box of treasures. This copy of Julius Caesar was printed in 1937.

Brownie Hawkeye
Monsieur Labelle probably made sure he had his trusty camera for photo opportunities.
This was my second favourite find in the bunch (the first being the Folding Autographic Brownie seen here). A Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, complete with flash (sans bulb). It was in production between 1949 and 1961.

Thanks for joining me. I hope you enjoyed riding the rails of this particular train of thought.


steviewren said...

Great keepsake choices! I would have chosen exactly the same.

Dave said...

You originality for variety in your blogs are amazing Hilary, and keep them always fresh and interesting! I enjoy them. The old train ticket and the brownie camera with the flash were very interesting - Dave

Dawn said...

LOVED and enjoyed this train of thought.
Always makes you wonder....a bit of past is always a mystery and wonder!

Sarah Knight said...

That was a fun journey : )

Zuzana said...

Going through that box must have been a delicious set of discoveries.
Love the blue hue throughout your images. And I would have never noticed any smudge-edition would you have not mentioned it.
I love trains and train trips, so I certainly enjoyed this post dear Hilary - have a lovely Sunday.

Bob Bushell said...

I love your findings, they are fantastic.

Travis Erwin said...

I hope to ride a train one of these days.

Brian Miller said...

oh the railroad pics...have an old railman's pocket watch int eh bowl by my was my grandfathers...

She Who Carries Camera said...

I love the bluish cast you gave to all the images. Those finds are amazing!

Out on the prairie said...

Beautiful treasures. I like the feel of old books, wondering who all read them.The camera looks closer to the brownie my mom had.she took bad pics, one prom I went to she liked the dress of my date since she had helped make it. When she shot my short date(1 ft less than me) she cut my head off in most of the pics.

DJan said...

As usual, pictures to enjoy. I love that Brownie camera, thinking of flash today and the difference in size. You must hang out of all windows with a camera in your hand, Hilary. :-)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Trains are fascinating! Especially old trains. Great photos!

Jinksy said...

I think you're a bit of a Hawkeye yourself at finding all the things you recongnise as snapworthy!

laughwithusblog said...

I would love to take the kids for a ride on an old steam engine train.

Frank Baron said...

The blue tint is nice. That Brownie is much closer to the ones I recall being told to smile at, waaaay back in the olden days. :)

VM Sehy Photography said...

I love old cameras. My mom had a brownie and an old polaroid that had those big blue bulbs. I think she threw one of them out. The other she traded in for a newer camera that was a piece of junk. Sigh.

Just one of those quirks in our relationship. I guess when she asked me what I wanted so she could put it in the will, I should have said the cameras, but I think the deed was done somewhere in my teens.

We never did quite understand each other in that respect. What she thought was worth saving and wanted to pass on to me didn't hold any sentimental value on my end, and I didn't care. What I thought was worth saving, well, she didn't and it's gone. Double sigh.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

My mom just wrote on her blog about the railroad. Spent many an hour myself watching trains go by as well as stories about rail travel. My grandfather was an engineer and my family had a long-time fascination with Trains and all the memorabilia.

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

It must have taken CA much longer to pack up her house with you there to help. :)

That Brownie Hawkeye camera is identical to the one my brother and I had when we were growing up. It was with that camera that most, if not all, of the old photos on my blog were taken.

I always loved being able to steady that camera against my body while looking down into the viewfinder with both eyes. I'm rather viewfinder-challenged, being extremely nearsighted, and I've just never been able to train myself to use my right eye when looking through a viewfinder. I always use my left. My hubby finds that strange. He also makes fun of me for the nose prints I leave on the back of the camera.

Bossy Betty said...

I am jumping up and down! I love these images--just up my alley. My mom had that last camera and I played with it A LOT when I was a kid!

Karen said...

Oh, how neat to find all those treasures! I love the "hunt" for discovery!

Don said...

Looks like you got the goods!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I love all the treasures you got to bring home. It sure makes the imagination come to life.

messymimi said...

So many possibilities on a train, much more so than with flying.

You've brought back memories of traveling on the train with my mom to see my grandmother.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey, I have been to Kingston and seen that train many times! don't you love Kingston's waterfront and old buildings and brew pub?

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks for the trip down memory.... tracks?
Great finds, and fun to see!

Anonymous said...

I still recall as a child when my grandmother would line the four of us up in a row and snap our photo with her Brownis camera with the flash on it. She was always putting in a new flash bulb... blue.


Anvilcloud said...

The rails gleam rather nicely in that one picture. I actually know a family called the Habels.

Lori said...

What awesome finds Hilary! Yes as always I enjoyed the ride! XX

Tammie Lee said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Great photos. We were watching trains today, there is something so mesmerizing about them!

sage said...

You had me with the title! I've seen such passes before, too bad we no longer have as many rail options as we once did. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

Wow - what wonderful treasures! That Brownie camera with flash is amazing! (says she a little jealously...)

Love the faded tone to the photos - very nostalgic!

Bimbimbie said...

Perfect treasures for you to cherish.

I was intrigued with the ticket ... "and wife"

Hilary said...

• Steviewren, thank you. Glad to know I'm in good company. :)

• Dave, thank you so much for such a kind compliment. I'm so glad you enjoy my posts. That means a lot to me. :)

• Dawn, yes. I can't help but wonder about the people, places and things which were experienced in days gone by. Holding an item from long ago gives life to the imagination. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks for joining me, Sarah. :)

• Zuzana, the items in the box were pulled from a few different places. These were the things we thought might sell well for my friend but upon investigation learned that it would be more bother than it was worth. So when she decided that she would just give them away, I volunteered to be the recipient. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, my friend. It's always a pleasure to have you stop by. :)

• Thanks, Bob. I'm so glad that so many folks are enjoying these pieces. :)

• Travis, there's something so soothing about a train ride. I hope you do too. :)

• Brian, thank you. What a treasure to have your grandfather's pocket watch. I'm sure it's something you'll cherish always. :)

• Thanks, Jillsy. The colour just seemed right when I thought about the colour of the flash bulbs in those days. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Steve, that's a hilarious story about your mother's photography skills. She was intent upon getting a good shot of the dress she made. Her son just happened to be beside it. ;) I feel the same way about old books and other items. So much history to them. Thank so much for the visit. :)

• DJan, thank you. You've seen me hanging out of windows, haven't you? ;) It's amazing how different photography is today. We hardly give it a thought now but I remember having to buy flash bulbs, cubes and eventually a flipflash when we anticipated an indoor or dull day shot. Thanks always for your visit. :)

• Thank you, Elizabeth. I agree about trains. There's a romantic feel to them, isn't there? :)

• Well thank you kindly, Jinksy. It is fun finding photo-worthy images. I'm glad you approve of my subjects. :)

• Laughwithusblog, that would be so much fun. :)

• Frank, you were smiling at cameras looong before I was. ;) Ok not really that long but I don't remember this style (except for the flash) of camera. I do remember my Dad owning this one though. In fact I inherited it but have no idea what's become of it over the years. I'm glad you like the blue tint. I chose it with those old flash bulbs in mind. :)

• VM, I'm sorry you and your mother didn't see value in the same things. It must have been disheartening for you to see those cameras go. Hopefully you have some items that were of value to you sentimentally. Whatever they are, they belonged to your mother and that in itself gives them worth. Thanks always for stopping by. :)

Hilary said...

• MJ, you're practically a pro when it comes to railways. I'll bet that your grandfather had some very interesting stories to tell about his days as an engineer. What a cool position to have in your family history. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Linda, you made me laugh.. but no cigar! If you asked her, CA would tell you that I was a taskmaster, and that she wouldn't have been as focused without me. All this playing with cameras has only happened after the fact. :) It's very cool that this is the same camera your family used. I have the same problem with the viewfinders. Like you, it's always my left eye (and the phone is always held up to my left ear) and I leave nose prints behind on the review window, too. Glad to know I'm not alone there. :)

• Betty, stop jumping.. you're making my camera shake! ;) It's a kick to know that so many have had this same camera. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Karen, as do I. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Don, it would appear so. :)

• JarieLyn, thanks. I did have fun playing with them and figuring out how to present the photos. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• MessyMimi, I think you're right about that. I find train travel so relaxing. I'm sure those trips hold fond memories. Thanks for dropping in. :)

• Gary, so cool that you've seen that train car in Kingston too. Yes, I absolutely love Kingston. Its old buildings remind me a lot of my native Montreal. I never grew tired of visiting. If you ever go back, enjoy a great breakfast at Morrison's. Yummy! :)

• Thanks for joining me, Baggie. You made it all the more fun. :)

• Di, I remember those flash bulbs well. It was the reason I chose the blue tint for these photos. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Thanks, AC. Does Habels rhyme with LaBelle, I wonder?

• Thanks, Lori. I'm glad you could join me. :)

• Tammie Lee, thank you. Trains sure do capture most everyone's attention. They're a mysterious draw. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Thanks, Sage, a world traveler such as you would have seen many a train, I'm sure. Everything changes but it's nice that trains are still a big part of our travel options. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Lady Fi, thank you. No need to be jealous.. I shared by blogging! ;) Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. :)

• Bimbimbie, yes. It was the time when "and wife" was perfectly acceptable. It sounds so strange to hear now though. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your train of thought - You always have such stunning shots.

photowannabe said...

I love delving into hidden treasures like these. It does make the mind spin wondering what the story behind each one is.
Terrific pictures to help my train of thought.

Glo said...

I've just found your blog and truly enjoy your sense of humour ~ as well as your amazing photography. The quotes under your bird photos had me chuckling. I'll be looking back through previous posts and look forward to future ones :)

Pauline said...

Great journey! Isn't it fun to make up stories of other lives? That photo of train tracks begs a poem.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I loved the look of yesteryear this morning. A railway journey would be just the thing today. Alas, it is only to be in my imagination... but that imagination is enhanced greatly by your photographs.
Thank you, Hilary!

Unknown said...

Loved the photos and finds, but actually gasped when I saw the Brownie... that was my first camera Hilary, when I was about 10 years old! I thought I was Ansel Adams... even before I knew who he was!

Daryl said...

I hope they had window seats

Mage said...

Look at all your friends and their enthusiasms. :)

I think that's a pass not a ticket. It might be one issued by Messenger for the exhibition. It's for two years and runs out in December. He must have been an employee of one or 'tother. :)

I just took the train to LA. It was faster, I was the only person in Business Class without my laptop, and it was vastly cheaper. There was no security. On the whole, it took about an hour less overall, and was a heck of a lot more fun than flying. Then again, I loved flying to LA on PSA when it was only seven bucks one way.

Yup, Brownie. I loved mine. Today I love my Canon even more than my old Ashai Pentax or my first electronic camera...a Sony.

What great things.

Friko said...

I did indeed.
I love black-and-white photos, I have a whole box full; you have encouraged me to dig them out.

Suldog said...

There is precious little so romantic or filled with anticipation as a curving railroad track.

Reb said...

Lovely photos. What great finds Hilary, thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

You really struck treasure! Thanks for the ride - love the processing of the photos, by the way.

Unknown said...

Love the Brownie!!!

NotaSupermom said...

Love the blog! I found it through my friend Susan's recommendation on her blog, Wild Life in the Woods.

Country Girl said...

What fantastic finds in the basement of your friend. Lucky you!

Indrani said...

Very old stuffs, almost going to be a century old soon.
I liked the rail tracks shot too.

Anonymous said...

Hilary, I love love love how you put together pictures to make a story for the couple's trip across Canada.

My very first camera was a Brownie like the one shown but without the flash. I was pretty young (maybe 6 or 7) so probably considered too young to handle a flash (and the hot bulbs after they were used). I'm sure she hoped she was planting a seed of interest in photography in me. Little did she know that she did, it just took about 55 years to bloom!

Shammickite said...

Great pictures to take us all on a train ride. I haven't travelled a long distance on a train for ages! I don't think the GO train to downtown and back to Stouffville really counts. I travelled from Vancouver to Toronto on the train when I first came to live in Canada, WOW, that was quite a trip in the middle of winter. And when I was at boarding school as a teenager, I used to travel from home to school and back on the train. And that was a steam train! That's how OLD I am!!! Maybe it's time for me to take another ride on the rails.... want to join me????

CiCi said...

I was hoping you brought home some of the fascinating items you and your friend found in her basement. The book is a treasure. I know you will have fun with the camera.

Mage said...

RYN: They are....look at that.

SandyCarlson said...

These are great. The blue tones are wonderful with these images. I love that Brownie flashing us at the end of the post!

Laura said...

I adore the railroad photo...fantastic!

MaggieGem said...

What fabulous finds, and such fondness you've translated in this post!

The Hawkeye is awesome!

Wendy said...

Some ride! I had a blast! LOL. Love those old locomotives. They really are impressive. Your train track pic reminded me of when I was a kid and we'd walk along the tracks on a hot summer day.

Fickle Cattle said...

I love the look of that ticket. It seems to have so much character and history.

Unknown said...

Wow! The Brownie was apparently an amazing camera for its time. CBS' "60 Minutes" once did a story on the Brownie versus today's complex equipment, and the Brownie was as good! :)

Hilary said...

• S, D and BS, thanks so much. :)

• Sue, I'm glad you came along for the ride. Your kind words always make me smile. :)

• Welcome, Glo and thank you so much for the kind words. Very much appreciated. I'm glad you got a chuckle out of the bird post. :)

• So true, Pauline. It is a lot of fun. If you have a train track poem in you, I'd love to hear it. :)

• KC, a train trip in the mind is not such a bad thing. Come onboard and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Jane, so cool that your first camera was this style. Your Ansel Adams comment made me laugh. You're too funny. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Daryl, I'm sure at least one of them did. ;)

• Maggie, I think you're quite right about it being a pass and that he probably worked for the railroad. Observant you! I liked your train station photos. And I'm right with you on the Canon. That's my baby too. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• Friko, I'd love to see your old photos sometime. I'm glad this nudged you. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Suldog, I so agree. It speaks of anticipation and adventure. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. :)

• Reb, thanks kindly. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :)

• Barbara, thanks very much. I'm glad you could join me. :)

• Susan, glad to hear it. Thanks for the visit. :)

• NotaSupermom, welcome! Thanks for finding me and thanks also for the kind words. :)

• Kate, I agree. I really lucked out here. :)

• Indrani, that means that I'm closer to being a century than I thought! ;) Thanks for the kind words. :)

• Sandra, thank you so much, my sweet friend. However long it took to bloom, I'm glad that love of photography was instilled in you. My Dad was also a camera nut and like you, it took me a number of decades to really get interested beyond the obligatory photos of my kids as they grew. And you reminded me about those bulbs. I'd forgotten how melty-hot they got. Thanks for the the always-kind words. :)

• Shammie, I was hoping the GO did count - other than that, I haven't been on a "real" train in eons - probably not since I travelled home to Montreal from Halifax back in the late 70s. I would imagine that a trip across the country from the west would be a wonderful experience. Unforgettable, I'm sure. Do I want to join you? You name the date and destination - I'll pack my bags. ;)

• TechnoBabe, yes they're home with me now. One day someone else will probably find them in my basement. Hopefully, they'll be a LOT older by then. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

• Maggie, GMTA. ;)

• Sandy, thanks so much. I had fun playing the the colour on these. It seemed to suit this Brownie as opposed to sepia which suited the older folding camera. Gotta love Photoshop. Thanks for stopping by. :)

• LauraX, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

• MaggieGem, thanks very kindly. I'm very lucky to have them in my possession and I'm glad to share. Thanks for the visit. :)

• Wendy, I'm glad you could ride along with me. That sounds like a really fond memory - wandering along the winding tracks. I can just about feel the sun on my shoulders. Thanks for that. :)

• Welcome, Fickle Cattle. I'm sure its story is different than how I portrayed it but it's still fun to imagine. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll be back again soon. :)

• Michael, good to see you. I've heard that too. From what I understand, it was ahead of its time. Thanks so much for the visit. :)

Unknown said...

Very enchanting...
The old ticket especially.

lime said...

what a lovely glimpse of the past. you do the brownie justice in its portrait. thanks so much for sharing.

Hilary said...

• Thanks, Deb. I'm glad you think so. :)

• Lime, thanks very kindly for that. It means a lot to me. :)