Thursday, December 6, 2007

YOUR Vote Counts Here

Thanks to all for sending in such great captions for this image. They are all posted below.

Please take the time to vote for your favourite one. I'll continue to keep the comments in moderation mode.

Please vote even if you didn't send in a caption, but please only one vote, and not for your own caption.

When all votes are in, I'll count them and announce the winner(s).

Voting deadline is Sunday at midnight, EST.


Little did they know, making the toilet paper longer instead of thicker was NOT a great money making scheme.

I wish Bush would stop talking crap. My arm is killing me.

This extra-wide toilet paper will really reduce my wiping time!

How did she get her black bit so much bigger than mine?

I'm telling you, it's here somewhere - keep looking!!

Hilary helps Howard the Oreo hoarder, hoping he heeds her hideous whining and hands out a heaping hand full of crumbles, helping her effectuate a harmoniously heightened sucrose high.

Nine hundred forty two, nine hundred forty three, God she's so hot... nine hundred forty... Damn it! Not Again! One, two...

This job is really interesting with never a dull moment and lots of room to develop.

All over the blogoshpere, bloggers are working at updating their blogrolls.

I probably should have measured first, but I'm pretty sure these toilet paper rolls aren't going to fit in the dispensers.

YouTube: The early days.

Don't ask me how but I know she's cheating. Nobody can wrap licorice in paper towels that fast.

Mary kept rolling the super-sized joints for the Weed Party as Tim pondered whether there would be enough to toke -- since two other people did accept the invitation to their party.

... and this fully-captioned creative effort...


Reb said...

Are you going to tell us what they are actually doing?

Hilary said...

Reb, I would if I knew it myself.. but thanks for voting. ;)