Monday, December 3, 2007

Caption This!

It's time for another funny captions post.

Come up with an amusing caption, or several for the photo below.

Please use the "share your thoughts" (comments) section to send in your caption(s) for the above image.

You are encouraged to send in as many as you like - as often as you like.

The deadline is Thursday, December 6 at midnight, EST.

Moderation will be on, so nobody will see any of the answers until they're posted after the deadline.

Once all captions are in, I'll compile them in random order and display them in a new post without authors' names so that you can vote for your favourite caption.

Good luck. Have fun!


photowannabe said...

Sorry, my brain has taken a vacation and I can't think of anything to say as a caption. I always enjoy seeing what others come up with though.

Anonymous said...

Mine, too. If I can come up with something I'll be back. I sure can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!