Saturday, September 8, 2007

Like Magic

When I know the solution to a puzzle, I figure everyone probably sees it with the same clarity.

I guess it's kind of like those "magic eye" images that were so popular about ten years ago. Once your eyes have adjusted to allow you to see the 3D image, the original pattern disappears quickly on subsequent views, and your eyes can easily focus in on the subject. Or so they tell me. I've still yet to see anything more than a vague, concave blob in the general shape of whatever the object is, no matter how much I squint, blur my vision or cross my eyes. I used to watch the people at the mall displays staring, nodding and agreeing that they saw dinosaurs, boats and all sorts of things that eluded me, and wondered if they were all in on some joke or conspiracy. The sample below is supposed to be a fish.

I'm going to keep my song challenge from the previous post open for a few more days because I'm sure the connection will occur to someone soon. The lyrics I quoted in the post below all have something in common. If you read the comments (Share your thoughts), you can see what everyone has said about them so far. Frank is on the right track but I'm looking for something a bit more concrete.

Song titles that have not been mentioned in the comments section, appear on the pink iPod above. The title of the post, "What's Puzzling You is the Nature of My Game" is from the song "Sympathy for the Devil." and #7 is indeed "Romeo's Tune" as pointed out by Abby and Al.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Well I have to admire Frank's guess, I never would have thought of it. The only bit I could add is that I imagine the actual song titles do not appear in the lyrics at all? But then that's probably true of a lot of songs.

And I can't make that magic image pop even though I swore I'd learned to do that in the shopping mall! (Did anyone actually BUY those things or did we all just go into stores and stare at them?)

I did discover you can not see a magic image if you are extremely nearsighted like I am and are wearing only one contact lens.

Hilary said...

Good going Crabby. You, along with Frank got the right answer. I'm sure you don't mind sharing top spot since I know you're not a selfish shellfish.

That's interesting about those Magic Eye puzzles not working for the very nearsighted (which I am), and for the single contact lens wearers, which I've taken to doing lately because the other one has been irritating my eye. I've still never been able to see them over the years with one or both lenses in, or out. They're a mystery to me.

I've seen the books selling at garage sales so somebody's been buying them.